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Отель "У погибшего альпиниста"

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I will fall off soon.
Some tribes of Middle-Africa...
know, how to revive their dead mates.
This phenomenon is called zomby.
Perhaps zomby is the third state
of living organisms.
I was tired and I was a total mess.
While listening to Snewahr's zombies
I didn't notice how I fell asleep.
What? What is it? What happens?
Where did this came from?
Did you bring it?
The only possibility is that
the gun was dropped from the roof.
Therefore that was Hinckus,
who was waiting for somebody.
Inspector, I'm looking for you!
Your patient regained consiousness!
Where is Olaf Andvarafors?
Excuse me, but I'd like
to ask you a couple of questions.
What is your name?
- And first name?
- Luarvik.
Mr. Luarvik Luarvik?
Well. Who are you?
Are you foreigner?
Very. To the high degree.
Do not enter!
Please leave immediately, Mr. Mozes!
Do not shout at me.
I am living, if this is what you wish.
I have to tell you that Olaf Andvarafors
was killed today at night.
Killed? A corpse? You do not know.
I saw him myself, he is dead.
- I want to see him.
- Why?
I have a business with him.
Did he need to pass something to you?
No. I have a talk to him.
What about?
To him. To him!
Listen to, Mr. Luarvik. I am investigating
a murder. Do you understand?
Sooner or later you'll tell me everything.
Remeber, you may get into big troubles.
Do you want to identify the corpse? Correct?
Identify. Recognize.
How can you recognize him,
if you haven't seen his face?
Why face?
What face?
Get dressed!
This is Olaf Andavrafors.
- That's strange.
- How did you recoginze him?
Recalled. Seen him.
And where did you see him?
Elsewhere. Not important this is.
Are you looking for something?
May be a suitcase?
Where it is?
I got it.
This good. Bring it.
OK. But first you will answer my questions.
Why again questions?
I do not want questions.
I... I... I want to lie down.
Where you have a place to lie down?
What do I have to think about this?
I am almost convinced, that Olaf, Luarvik
and Mozes belong to the same gang,
which does not want to be advertized.
But Hinckus - this is his revolver -
he is also somehow connected to them.
Just that's where I've made my major error -
I connected Mozes and Luarvik
with the Olaf's murder.
May be we hold Hinkus
locked up for nothing?
Let's set him free...
as a fox into the hen house.
Snevar! Please make sure, that everybody
will be having breakfast in the morning.
Good morning, Simone!
Good morning, Brun!
- Good morning, inspector!- Good morning!
- How did you sleep?
- Good, thanks.
You look bad.
- Well, did you find anything?
- It depends.
You know, I have a feeling,
that there is a smell of death here.
Beautiful morning. It is so warm and sunny.
Poor Olaf - he did not live to see this morning.
Good morning, gentlemen.
Let me to introduce you Mr. Luarvik Luarvik.
He arrived last night.
It's nice.
Gentlemen! We are temporarily
cut off from the outer world.
I understand you well.
We all are under pressure.
But don't forget, that investigation is in
inspector Glebsky's reliable hands.
Attention, please.
I have to report the following.
Some rascals selected this hotel as
the place where to clear their scores.
I want you to know, that two hours
ago with the help of Mr. Snewahr
I sent with the carrier pigeon
report to the local police.
A police helicopter may be
here any minute now.
Therefore I suggest to those scoundrels
to stop their criminal activity.
I warn you!
Otherwise your position will be entirely hopeless.
Thank you for attention, gentlemen.
Ah, how interesting! Does it mean,
that there are bandits among us?
I wanted to scare them, although I knew
that these legends will not help me.
We were cut off from the outer world
and I could rely only at myself.
Wait! Wait, Hinckus!
- We have to talk.
- About what?
Sit down.
Of course, police tricks...
Such is my job.
Отель "У погибшего альпиниста" Отель "У погибшего альпиниста"

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