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Plough, sow...
Plough, sow...
Nikolai, come here!
Look... we're there!
Look, we're here already.
How do you call it?
Hey, fellows!
Come here!
- Why are you yelling?
- I'm not yelling.
we've reached the state border,
the border of the Soviet Union!
Let's clean it and set it up.
- Where's he going?
- Father, where are you going?
The tanks... of Lieutenant...
Good boy!
That's my son Goderdzi!
See, father, he's here.
My son passed here!
I will find him now!
Good boy!
He is not far away.
Grapevines! How did you ever
get here, my darlings?
How glad I am to see you!
Hello there, sonny...
In the army, you should address
officers by their rank.
I'm a sergeant.
Allow me to address you,
Look, friend, my son is here
I'm looking for him.
He's a tankman.
What's his name?
Goderdzi Makharashvili.
Tall, handsome...
In the ranks?
- An officer or a private?
- A lieutenant.
Sorry, don't know him.
There was something wrong
with the steering gear.
I'll give it a check run.
Maybe he knows my son.
Listen, I'm trying to find my son.
He is a tankman.
- What's his name?
- Goderdzi Makharashvili.
No, never heard of him.
- He's a handsome boy.
- We're all handsome here.
Yes, you bet you are...
He is a lieutenant.
I don't know him. There's no
such guy.
I said stop!
Are you crazy, man?
It's you who is crazy!
What are you doing?
These are grapevines!
So what?
You pup!
How dare you? Attention!
Seregin! Take that old man away,
or I don't know what happens!
Just try to move me!
Go away, father.
Get out of the way, I tell you!
Drive through!
Look what you did!
He hit the man just for nothing!
These are grapevines!
Why don't you use the road?
Haven't you seen
what they did to our country?
You the same as them?
You a fascist?
Look, German children.
Shoot them! Shoot them!
Are you taking me
for a bloody Nazi?
Then why do you kill the grapevines?
They are alive.
You hurt them.
You did not plant them.
You did not tend them.
You only eat grapes.
You're young. You never even
planted a tree in your life.
Yet you kill grapevines.
Shame on you!
This is war,
not a public park.
Drive your tank back!
Why so glum, father?
I say why are you so glum?
I guess I'm tired,
I think and think:
What is my son Goderdzi like now?
He was so good, so kind.
The first two floors
are occupied by the Germans.
Our boys have entrenched
themselves on the third.
We've got to wipe out the enemy
and set our boys free.
After me, men! Hooray!
Back up, Georgy! Get away!
Careful! Our men are on the third
floor, don't forget!
Guys! Don't be afraid,
I'm coming!
Sure, as long as you're here,
the rest of us can go home.
What news down below, pals?
Spring has come!
Attention, please!
Attention, all!
In order to avoid
unnecessary bloodshed,
the Commander
of the Soviet Army
proposes that
all German soldiers and officers,
surrounded in this city
and blockaded in houses,
cease fire immediately,
lay down their arms,
raise the white flag
and surrender.
The Soviet High Command
guarantees your safety,
promises to feed you
and to ensure medical aid
to the wounded and sick.
Two hours are given
for considering
this ultimatum.
All who do not surrender within
that time will be wiped out.
It is now 11:30 p.m.,
Moscow time.
April 14, 1945.
The two hours have begun.
Cease fire!
Do they know
they must stop too?
Cease fire!
What are you doing?
When I get home,
I'll climb into bed
and sleep and sleep and sleep.
I don't intend to announce my coming.
Just appear like a bolt out of the blue.
Slip into the yard
by the back gate,
without anybody seeing me.
But I bet Nyura will see me.
She's got such sharp eyes,
that sis of mine!
- Are you a Georgian, boy?
- Yes.
- Where are you from?
- Gurdjaani.

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