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ought to send him
two more batteries.
- Where shall I get them from?
- Can you take them from Petrov?
Petrov's unit is in danger
of a tank attack.
But Vassiliev has a gully on his left
flank. The tanks can't get through.
He won't hear of taking him
into the regiment.
But the old man's been with us
for days.
He's as good a fighter as any of us.
Drop the subject.
he'll be my responsibility.
He won't be in the way.
He's tough, he is.
Wait, I'll make another try.
Lieutenant, I've already told you...
- What's wrong?
- Nothing important.
There's an old Georgian who wants
to be taken into our unit.
I explained it to him,
but he won't listen.
- Where is he?
- Waiting outside for 3 days.
Tell him to come in.
Go ahead, old man!
Why you're looking so sullen?
Because nobody talks sense here.
All I hear is:
You're too old,
you'll have a hard time here.
Young men have easy time here?
She has easy time?
Why they can fight
and I can't?
How old are you?
It's none of your business!
My father was 115 years old
when he died.
I explained it to you already.
Suppose you be taken prisoner.
The Germans would broadcast
all over the world
that the Bolsheviks
were making old men fight.
You keep saying
prisoner, prisoner, prisoner!
I don't intend to be a prisoner!
Maybe you do?
You've no idea how hard
the life of a soldier is.
Let's wrestle.
If any of you puts me down,
I go home.
This is nothing to laugh about.
I challenge anybody here.
May I try, Comrade General?
Too young.
I cannot fight with a boy.
Sure, he's older. Let's fight.
You don't have to. I see
you're brave and strong.
I'm convinced.
You may stay with us.
Good luck, soldier.
Hey, dear man, bring me
some fire wood.
Now bring me some water.
Makharashvili! Where are you going?
- Why are you here?
- I'm here to fight.
How dare you abandon your post?
You call that a post?
Bring wood, bring water.
It's a post for invalids!
Am I here to be a washerwoman
or a soldier?
You're undermining discipline.
Go back to your post now!
A man has to know how to fight
these days.
No one can teach me
how to fight.
My father fought,
my grandfather fought,
my great-grandfather,
my great-great-grandfather...
Don't be in a hurry,
you'll get your share of fighting yet.
I know by heart
how to fight.
Bayonets charge, one, two!
Withdraw bayonets, one, two!
Battle stations! Signals!
Hey, you awake down there?
It's Happy New Year!
Stop yelling!
The men are sleeping.
Go away,
be a nice girl, please!
We've brought you food,
wine, entertainment.
Be quiet. This is the first sleep
they've had in three days.
And what about our New Year's
I've brought wine and presents galore.
Sorry, my dear, that'll have to wait.
- Are you actors?
- A musical detail from the division.
We've been sent here
to give your men a concert
because you distinguished yourselves
in battle.
It's great.
We've been promised a concert.
In the morning we're performing
for Battalion 3.
Too bad to have you leave
without playing for the boys.
All right, begin.
What shall we begin?
But who are we to play for?
There's no audience.
There they are.
But they are all asleep.
A good music one can hear
even in his sleep.
- But, sergeant...
- Stop arguing. Get down here.
What shall we play?
Could you make it a Georgian piece?
Sure we can.
- May we?
- Whenever you're ready.
- What are you doing?
- Waking myself up. Try it.
They're off to bomb Hitler.
To hell with Hitler!
Nazarov, Lobov, Makharashvili!
You go scouting.
Yes, sergeant!
Careful. There's no cover here.
Follow me.
What did you find, father?
Good earth.
Rich earth.
Must have spotted us, the bastards!
What's the matter with you?
The earth says
it's high time...
Spring is here.
High time to...
- No. First you must...
- Plough!
That's it. First plough, then sow...

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