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Just got out of the hospital.
Not this one, though.
Didn't you find out
where your son's unit was?
Sure I did. What else
would I find out if not that?
Near here.
The place is called De...
Demidovo? Why, that's only
a two-hours' ride from here.
That's what I tell him.
My son's near here. Show me. No.
What are you sitting here for?
I say, Let me go.
He says No.
Yesterday I asked the commandant
all day long.
I showed him my papers.
That pass, he says,
not good here.
Go home, he says.
To hell with those papers!
If that train stops, get on, and
in two hours you're in Demidovo.
No, no.
Too bad. Think it over.
- Well, did you make up your mind?
- No, I can't.
So long then!
I'm going to join my pals.
What are you doing here?
Just taking a walk.
Then I'm going to take a walk
the other way.
I like to walk.
Hey, father! Are you coming
or not? Make up your mind!
- What about it?
- No!
It goes to Demidovo.
I've got no papers!
Forget the papers!
The papers!
Jump on fast
so nobody sees you.
Good work!
I love to travel.
- My name is Arkady Yershov.
- Georgy Makharashvili.
- Don't you believe me?
- I'll just hand him over.
Take that gun away!
Caught a spy, did you?
I ought to sock you one.
Get down!
Get up, father!
Got to get going.
Let me give you a hand.
What's going on here?
I caught him
without proper passes.
This pass is to Dubovo.
How did you get here?
Comrade Colonel, I rode in a train,
I rode in a car...
He came to visit his son
in the hospital.
Turns out his son's back
in the army, in Demidovo.
That's why he's here.
This is no time to go visiting.
Go home.
Comrade Colonel...
The Germans are in Demidovo.
Go home and wait for your son.
Fix the old man up for the night.
In the morning send him off
in one of our cars.
- Nazarov! What's your first name?
- Nikolai.
Well, Nikolai, let's do
what the colonel told you to, right?
Come along, father.
Give me your bundle.
Come on, father!
I told you everything'll be all right.
- And how's Vassya Konoplev?
- Got killed near Kalach.
And Petro?
The war's over for him too. He's
home. His wife gave him a daughter.
Leading a civilian life again.
Got a job, a family...
Like we used to live.
Nothing special.
They amputated his arm
in the hospital.
At least he got out alive.
And Sergeant Korobeinikov?
He's dead.
How? How did he die?
He was wounded
and Anna dragged him off the field.
A mine got them both.
She was a good kid.
Boris! To bed!
Oh, my God!
If only someone could tell us
whether we ought to sit tight
or leave before it's too late.
Goderdzi! Goderdzi!
Goderdzi! My son!
I told you, Arkady, I ought not
to come here.
But you say, Come, come! 
And I went along.
Now where I must go?
Here women shoot,
boys shoot...
Everybody shoots here...
And my son...
is at the front line now.
Where should I go?
To the front line too?
Company, everyone outside!
Follow me!
What is it?
What happened?
We're in for it.
The Germans are advancing!
Where are the Germans?
Make for the station, father,
as fast as you can!
I told you I must not come here.
Don't go that way!
Turn back! The Germans!
Where are the Germans?
Where to go?
The wheat! The wheat's burning...
Help! The wheat!
The wheat's burning!
What are you doing, old man?
You've gone out of your mind!
To hell with the wheat!
Get out of here! Run!
Get down!
Are you mad?
Get down, I tell you!
Make for the forest!
To the forest, quick!
- What about you, Arkady?
- I'll cover you! Run!
Beat it, father! I'll manage...
Leave me, father...
Get going... Leave me!
Don't be scared, Arkady.
Just a little bit more...
A drink, father!
Water. Just a drop.
Yes, in a minute.
What shall I do, son?
Easy, there you go...
I will find the road
and we'll be fine.
Everything will be all right, Arkady.
You just wait, my dear boy.
Vassiliev has only 640 men left.


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