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door, will you?
My son is here.
What ward?
Do you know what ward he's in?
- What's your son's name?
- Goderdzi Makharashvili.
He's a tall, good-Iooking boy.
- Tell me his name, will you?
- Goderdzi Makharashvili.
Here he is: Makharashvili!
Good! You did it!
He's been discharged. Gone back
to his unit. He's not here.
He's not here any more.
What do you mean, not here?
Here he is, here he isn't!
His name's here, but he's gone.
- Why isn't my son here?
- He got well and went back.
- Went back where?
- To his army unit.
- I don't understand.
- He went back to fight.
Show me.
Don't you believe me?
I believe you, but let me see
for myself.
Here. He was discharged on the 16th.
Don't take away my register.
Now you believe me?
Can you see it?
I can't read Russian.
Then why did you look in the book?
It's all right, forget about it.
You ought to be glad
your son's well again.
Hurry up now,
or you'll miss your train.
Where are you going?
There's the door!
I came all this way
to be told such a thing?
I told you
he got well.
You think my son lied to me?
Here is his letter.
He says he's here.
I can't read Georgian.
My son never tells lies.
Stop! You can't go in there!
It doesn't make any sense.
Are you crazy or what, old man?
You can't go there.
- Why?
- That's the surgery!
You can't go there without a smock.
- Then give me a smock.
- No, I won't.
Get out of here
before somebody sees us.
First I talk, then you talk.
All right, go ahead.
- Hey, where are you going? Stop!
- I know what I'm doing.
Excuse me, doctor...
- What's going on here?
- I couldn't stop him...
I told him his son has gone back
to the army.
He doesn't believe me.
Why don't you believe him?
Well, you see, doctor...
It took me a long time to get here.
I rode, rode, rode on a train...
I rode, rode, rode in a car.
I rode in a cart...
Now he says
my son is not here.
He's been discharged. He's gone!
You see... All right, I'll go home,
and my wife and my friends
will ask me:
Did you see Goderdzi?
What do I say?
Some more wounded have arrived.
How's the captain doing?
Not good.
Show him the ward
where his son was.
Oh yes, that's Goderdzi!
But his mustache is a lot longer
than that now.
Yes, that's him.
- That's his tank.
- Number 416.
That's right, number 416!
And you didn't believe him!
Which was his bed?
You will get well too!
This is a lucky bed.
They repaired him fine,
you can be sure of it.
He went to dance
and he lasted longer than anyone.
- He danced good?
- Like a gazelle.
Why don't you go and see him?
His unit's stationed in Demidovo.
His pals came here to see him.
Pay him a visit.
- Where is Demidovo?
- Not far from here.
The commandant at the station
will show you the way.
Commandant? I know
what is a commandant!
He'll give you a pass.
No, he will ask for papers,
question me where I come from...
I tell you he'll give you a pass.
Just show him your son's photo.
You think so?
Then I will go.
Best of luck to you, pop!
Oh, wait...
Here, presents for you
from my son Goderdzi.
Some sweets.
A little wine.
I'd better go now.
Get well, son.
Goodbye, boys!
Get well!
Wait! Wait!
You're going to Georgia?
No, that's too far.
- Would you like a smoke?
- No, thanks.
What are you doing here?
You have nothing to do
but ask questions?
- Come on, have a smoke.
- I don't smoke.
Too bad to refuse such a treat.
What brought you here?
My son was here.
In hospital. Wounded.
Now he's well.
He went back to the front.
He went before I came.
Bad luck.
There was a Georgian in my unit too.
- Tank man?
- No.
He was lots of fun,
singing songs.
When we took Melitopol,
we were beat.
We just dropped, and a mine went -
whack! That was it.
What was his name, that Georgian?
Everyone's got the same name
at the front: soldier.
Sorry I talk too much. I had a shock
and couldn't talk for


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