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Where are you? Come out, Dad!
Come out here!
Come on! It's better out here.
I'm coming!
She said we built a fortress.
That we don't let anyone inside.
So is this our fortress?
Yes, this is our fortress.
I don't remember
what grade you were in...
Your friends hardly ever came by.
That worried me.
You seemed bored.
But I never felt alone.
I had you.
She said she's tired of
banging on our door.
I see everything differently now.
What she thinks,
what she wants...
I'm not interested.
She never understood me.
So I don't need her.
I've almost forgotten her
Do you believe me?
If you believe, so do I.
Come here, Dad.
Come here!
Stop it, you're not a kid.
Squat down.
You're not a kid anymore.
When I graduate, I'll leave here.
If ever I see her,
I won't recognize her.
You'll leave here?
I guess I'll be alone.
You won't be alone.
You'll get married.
Sasha, not now!
I'm flying!
The army doesn't feed you.
Again! Next time.
Next time...
You won't be alone.
You'll get married.
I'm glad you said that.
Sad about something?
Did it really mean
that much to you,what I said?
You look...
so much like your mother.
God sent you to me.
Everything about you
is important.
Sasha, come here!
Me? Come here!
Sasha, come here...
This is my father.
And this is my friend.
I love him very much.
I love him very much.
Take me into your home.
I'm a nice guy.
Yes, Sasha, you're really nice.
You want to live with us?
Don't be sad.
You live right next door.
We're already together.
but next door.
It's cold...
Very cold.
I should go.
Where are you going?
You know very well.
Where are you going?
For a walk. I can't sleep.
I'll go with you.
No, I'll be right back.
I'll go with you.
I feel bad.
Yeah, I see that.
I feel bad.
Something here...
You'll work it out.
You'll work it out on your own.
Will this happen often?
I don't know.
To you? I don't know.
If you're human, all your life.
I understand.
Very clear.
Very clear.
It's snowing.
Where are you?
I'm not far away.
And me...
Am I there, too?
I'm alone.

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