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This way!
In my room.
I want to talk to you.
Maybe I don't want to.
Go on, move!
Why did you close the door?
Come on!... This is my room.
Don't bother him!
Stop pushing me.
Come on!
Stop it!
Is that your bed?
Look at this.
Are those ribs?
It's a thoracic cage.
My father's thoracic cage.
Those could be anyone's.
Very funny!
Look at the lungs, not the ribs.
Hey, I can't breathe!
He had a lung wound.
I want to know something.
What's going on?
I guess you don't know
I came by here last night.
Why didn't he tell you?
He didn't have time.
Are you really studying medicine?
Yes, in the military.
Yes, a military trainer.
Why the military?
It's in the family.
My father was in the military.
That's beyond me.
Too bad.
There's my friend.
Sasha, what's that music? Jakata?
Don't blind me. Is that Sol?
Alexei, come out here!
I know, it's Next.
I'm coming out.
Next? No way!
Don't you know music?
I'll knock you down!
Give me that CD!
Don't be afraid!
Sit down!
Hey, Alexei!
Alexei, stop it!
I give up! I give up!
Who's that?
A guy looking for his father.
I can't get rid of him.
Bring him out here. Go on.
Get away from here! Go on!
Alexei, don't or I'll fall!
Come here!
Come on!
Come on!
What for?
Come on!
I'm trying.
How are you doing?
Hold on.
That's it.
I'm standing!
Don't hold me.
Let me go!
Stand on your own.
Are you afraid?
Nothing compares
to my father's disappearance.
I know you don't care much.
Hold him!
It's good not to be afraid.
Don't be afraid.
I have no pity
for those who fear.
Strange... Listen to me!
Never be afraid of anything!
Not of anything.
Got that?
What do you want?
You made him go out there. Why?
Tell me!
Come back in, you two!
Me? Come on!
And you,
why did you go out there?
Now, you. Hurry!
Did you hear me?
I'm coming. No need to shout.
Hurry up!
What have I told you?
I know.
Why do you push me?
Just because, right?
Then you get what you deserve.
What are you doing?
Nothing comes from nothing!
I'll teach you once and for all.
Next time, I'll beat you!
Don't just stand there!
So you're here, too?
You like playing acrobat?
I've got him, Alexei!
Help me!
Whose side are you on?
I'll help you!
Will you go back out there?
I can't breathe.
Do you give up?
Will you go out there again?
Come on, guys. Stop it!
You tore my tshirt.
Go back to your nest.
Mend it!
You're no match for me!
You tore my tshirt.
That's it.
I'll get a needle and thread.
You'll mend it!
Just throw it out!
What about lunch?
Don't count on it!
What are you up to today?
I need to talk to you.
I'm leaving tomorrow.
A little later, then.
I have an appointment.
Let's say in an hour.
How's that?
Tell your father I said bye.
In an hour...
Keep it down!
Alexei, where's your cat?
I already told you.
Get off my back!
I'm not interested in you.
I'm sorry.
You knew about his father,
didn't you?
You lied to him.
You can't hide it. Tell me.
It's true. I can't hide.
In 1998,
my friend received orders.
A dangerous mission.
All the soldiers were killed.
Only he survived.
He came up
with this crazy idea...
to kill the guy
who gave the orders.
it's not crazy at all.
I know exactly how he feels.
It's not crazy at all.
He wanted to kill the guy
who gave the orders?
Who was he after?
Do you know?
He didn't say.
It's the man at the top.
The one who decides.
You two were tight. You saw him.
You kept his secret.
He chose you.
He knows we have a house...
Knows he's welcome here.
We fought together,
but he wouldn't come here.
Why not?
I'd really like to meet him...
See what he looks like.
So, should I cook?
Not now. I'm late.
Late? On a Sunday?
I promised him.
Who? Our guest?
Alright, go on.
That's where you hid the ball!
Bad hiding place, I guess.
Over here!

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