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Can you hear me, Kolya?
If your son comes back
here tomorrow...
What should I tell him?
Can I...
show him these photos?
Maybe give him this one?
I'm starting to forget your face.
Where's Mom?
Where's Mom?
They gave us new uniforms.
What about the tie?
I have it.
I had this dream...
I almost killed you.
Someone thinks badly of us.
Now I'm scared to sleep.
Scared to sleep?
Go whisper to the water.
As if it's that simple.
Try it.
OK. I'll try.
Troubles wash away
with the water...
Like night goes away with dreams.
Like dreams with night...
Dad! Water's boiling!
Turn it off!
go with the water...
Like night
with dreams.
Your dreams are
getting out of hand.
I whispered to the water.
Don't turn on the light.
How old were you when I was born?
How old?
Almost 20.
Feeling better?
What do you mean?
You argued with her.
Why do you say that?
Does it show that much?
Come on, get up.
Yes, I need to get up.
Back to the barracks on Monday?
Do you have duty?
When are you coming back?
I don't know myself.
Come on, get up!
On your feet!
Go sleep in your bed.
Come on, Dad. Get up.
Remember I said
I had an opportunity to leave?
That the pay would be better?
But me...
I won't let you leave.
I want you to be happy.
What are you thinking?
That I'll be happy if you leave?
Don't lag behind!
Run, run!
Someone's at the door!
Open it!
Can't you hear?
Open it yourself.
I'm covered in soap!
What's that? Dew?
The roof is all wet.
Yes, it's dew.
But the sun's coming out
from behind the clouds.
It won't rain today.
You sleep too late, soldier.
Just go open the door!
Alexei, who could be dropping by?
You recognize me?
Is it too early?
Come in, come in.
Yes, I recognize you.
Put your things there.
Thanks. I don't have much.
Alexei, keep the doors closed!
I was wondering
if you would stop by.
I've been waiting.
Don't just stand there. Come in.
Alexei, keep the doors closed!
I'm glad you came.
Mother and I are leaving today.
Already? Well...
Our three days of sightseeing
are done.
This city's beautiful.
But living here must be tough.
Come on, come on.
I woke you both up.
No, don't worry.
Come in. Don't be shy.
Where do we sit?
How about at the table?
Sit down.
My same seat as yesterday.
That's it.
With the photos.
Be right back. Are you hungry?
No, thanks. I ate at the hotel.
I have to dress.
Of course.
If you remember anything,tell me.
Be right back.
I didn't see this one before.
Oh, yes, the helicopter...
I saw it. Did it crash?
I don't know if it's important,
Can I sit down here?
Thank you.
I don't know if it's important,
I asked my father one day
why he and my mother divorced.
I asked my mother before.
But she told me to ask my father.
He told me he had
become another man after the war.
Yeah, me too.
And that no one understood him.
I asked him to explain to me
what he meant by "another man".
He said I didn't need to know.
That it didn't matter.
Nothing to do with what happened.
I'm just trying to figure out
why he disappeared.
Nothing is simple.
Maybe he killed someone.
Then where is he?
Your father...
is a good man.
A good man.
He didn't kill anyone.
Even if he had, I'd stick by him.
Are you cold? No.
Yes, you're cold.
He didn't do anything wrong.
I'm sure.
Yes. I know, I know.
But there must be a reason.
You must have some theory.
Some idea...
Some idea...
You already know everything.
Meet, you two!
He came by last night, but...
He's the son of my friend.
My friend disappeared
last winter.
I didn't know that.
I was in the military.
When someone disappeared,
we looked,
we didn't write him off.
But, like you,
he left the military.
You left the military too.
OK, now it's my turn
to talk to you!
You didn't disappear!
Don't bother him.
Hey, hands off...


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