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good to see you.
I haven't seen you in weeks.
- Where have you been?
- I've been all over.
Victoria, I want you to meet
Mary Tate Farnsworth.
- Hello. How are you?
- Hi. I'm fine.
Will you excuse us?
I see my man over there.
Of course.
Good to have seen you again.
See you later. Bye-bye.
Oh, watch it.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
Boy, you sure got some
peaked-looking relatives.
Hey, partner.
Where'd you get these duds?
Rented them.
Guaranteed authentic.
Well, you look really sharp.
Look at these people.
Now, this is
what you call class.
How are you, Mary Tate?
Excuse me.
I got a relative to say hi to.
I'll be right back.
Uncle Albert.
Good evening, sir.
What's the matter
with you, baby?
Well, don't you think this dress
is a little bit out of place?
So what if it is?
It doesn't matter to me.
Least I don't look
like Buffalo Bill.
Is my dress really all right?
Sweetheart, I told you...
your dress just looks
pretty unusual.
You look lovely.
You both look fine.
Craig! Craig, darling!
How are you?
Here's our hostess.
Amy, give us a kiss.
Why, Mr. Santo, I just want to
tell you how delighted I am...
that you and your paramour
could join us this evening.
And, Craig, you were just a
perfect muffin to get him here.
- Me and my what?
- Your little friend here.
Miss Farnsworth is Craig's
little friend, Mrs. Waterson.
In the interest
of clarity, Amy.
I see.
He has extraordinary
Yeah, it really takes
a hell of a lot of dedication...
to work out like that.
Thank you.
In a couple of weeks he's gonna
be the new Mr. Universe.
Why don't y'all
come and meet him?
I think you'll enjoy that.
Yeah. I'd like that.
Joe, you got a second?
I want you to meet some
fans of yours here.
Richard Packman,
Mr. Joe Santo.
Now, easy, big fella.
He got my drinking hand.
He's a big'un, isn't he?
Is that young lady
your latest?
Well, she's really more
a friend of Joe Santo's.
Well, a friend
of mine and his.
I see.
Yes, Uncle Albert?
What happens to body builders
when they get old?
They die.
This little gal here--
I've known her since I was 11.
She's the only lady
in this whole club...
ever to work her way into
a men's doubles game... and win.
Zoe, this is--
Let me introduce myself, Craig.
That's a marvelous idea.
All right.
I'll see you later.
Who's that? How come
I don't get to meet her?
- You'll meet her later.
- Don't pull my arm.
Who's buying the bourbon here?
I'm the guilty party.
Come on. I'll show you
around this place.
Say, what do y'all
think of my buddy?
Leave it to ol' Craig here.
Amy asked him to come up
with a musical act...
and he comes up with a freak.
- Nice work, Craig.
- What'd he say?
easy on the names,
huh, Halsey?
Hello, everybody.
Look who's here. Dorothy.
I just saw Joe outside.
He's a man of so many talents.
You remember Mary Tate.
Of course I remember
Mary Tate--
the little
water ski girl.
I want a word
with you, buddy.
- You do?
- Yes, I do. Right now.
- Craig--
- Wait for me.
Just talk to Dorothy.
Chub, I want a bourbon here.
When did you turn
vandal anyway?
Now, wait now. I didn't have
anything to do with that...
and you know it,
but I warned you.
Those guys
are a natural force.
What did you expect?
Well, that did it.
I'm through, you hear?
Fine. That's just fine.
You just back out and leave me
to pick up all the pieces...
and all my money tied up
in some two-bit jewelry store.
You can't get out now.
I can get out whenever I feel.
You have no concern
for obligations.
- You have--
- Obligations?
Yes, obligations.
To what?
To busting up the spa?
You owe this to me.
You owe it to yourself.
Don't you understand that?
What am I supposed to do?
I understand that you
got yourself mixed up...
with a bunch
of thieves, buddy.
Easy, boys. Easy.
Hey, easy.
Hey, give me a drink here,
will you, chub?
Hey, suavey,
there's supposed to
Оставайся голодным Оставайся голодным

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