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Оставайся голодным

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That's not just looking on.
Real authentic, huh?
I reckon you could
call it that if you want to.
Oh, yes, sir.
You are full of surprises,
I tell you.
- That's what life is all about.
- I don't know what you are.
I think I wanted to show off
today, that's all.
You fellas are fantastic.
I love that.
You realize
I had absolutely no intention--
Hey, that's cool.
No, but do you really--
I've never seen her happier.
It's terrific.
I've heard about this stuff
all my life.
Kind of grows on you,
doesn't it?
Yeah. But it's like
a lot of good things.
Can get too much
of it in a hurry.
Better be careful.
I have been careful all my life.
Yes. Come.
See, Anita, every time
anything's bothering you...
what you want to do is sweat.
Now what's this?
The door's unlocked.
It's just Thor upstairs
balling a goat or something.
Hey! Who in the hell are you?!
Who the hell are you?
Just what are you doing?
I'm just fixing
this air conditioner up here.
Uh-huh. Who asked you?
Murray! Bones!
Y'all get down here!
You watch him, Anita.
Looks like we got company.
Yeah, you do.
Is it a cop?
You're gonna wish I was.
Who the hell are you guys?
You sure don't look like no cop.
Watch him!
Get him, Murray! Get him!
Anita! Hit the lights!
Gonna eat you up, boy.
Get the goddamn lights!
Look at what we got here.
Our little buddy from the club.
What the hell you guys
doing this for anyway?
Shut up.
Oh, yeah.
When I took this job,
it was for money...
but now, I'm gonna get me
some real pleasure.
You hurt her downstairs,
and you're d--
Well, I think I better be
getting on, little lady.
Now, you be good, you hear?
Hotshot pool player, huh?
Well, let's see
how good you are.
Left ball in the side pocket.
Y'all watch out.
She's Jap or something.
Jap my ass.
Get out of the door, lady.
We don't want to hurt no lady.
Franklin! Are you all right?
Jabo didn't say nothing
about no karate!
Customers can't use the place.
If I don't get it
fixed right now...
they're gonna sue class action.
Damn it! I can't even afford
to stage the contest now.
And that's gonna break
Joe's heart.
How much are the damages?
You see,
these people down here...
Mary Tate, Franklin, Newton...
they're like my own children.
I helped every one--
Thor, how much are the damages?
What with
the air conditioning and all...
it comes to 5,000.
- 5,000?
- To get it fixed right.
Why are you so interested
in all of this, Blake?
Well, I was thinking...
If I could help you out,
I'd lend you the money.
You wouldn't happen
to know nothing about...
who them skunks were,
would you?
What do you want for the loan?
An l. O.U.
Look, do you want
the money or not?
Blake, you ol' son of a gun.
Me and you's just alike,
ain't we?
We just need to help people.
Have a sip.
I forgot to tell you.
William came by today...
and he took
that old piece of armor...
and he took your horse, too.
Said you owed it to him.
Bath's ready.
Not now, Mary Tate, OK?
You sure?
Yeah, I'm sure!
What do you want to do then?
I want to sit
in the goddamn chair...
is what I want to do!
all you gotta do
is just sit there.
Just be.
I love you.
Do me a favor, baby?
Carry my compact for me?
- Can't, doll.
- How come? You got pockets.
It'll bulge, damn it.
Carry it yourself.
Well, I didn't want to take
my pocketbook...
but that's OK.
I won't take it.
- I don't need it.
- Yeah, right.
Oh, gosh,
I hope Joe does good.
He's gonna do fine.
He plays the fiddle,
doesn't he?
I'm so excited.
Well, how do I look?
Oh, shoot, my clips.
You look beautiful.
- Do l?
- Yeah.
Do I really?
Are you kidding, baby?
You look fantastic.
You don't look bad yourself.
Don't you worry.
This is gonna be fun for us.
Come on, let's go.
We're late.
- All right.
- Come on!
Hi, Craig.
How you doing?
Good to see you.
Victoria, look at you.
Don't you look lovely?
Craig, it's so
Оставайся голодным Оставайся голодным

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