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Оставайся голодным

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Besides, I like the way...
you're always cultivating
interesting new people.
I thought they were nice.
I really did.
And I can certainly understand
your attraction...
to that little country girl.
She was sweet.
You want some iced tea?
Craig, I'm so glad you came.
I knew you'd get over
all that silliness.
You look like
your old self again.
Can we go to Anniston
this weekend?
Tootie and Charles have some
English friends in town...
and Becky Farr's driving in
from Nashville.
Don't you understand?
She's not coming in.
Why? Just because
she split the blanket...
with that pretty boy Blake?
Now, you tell her
I'll take care of her.
You know how I feel
about Mary Tate.
Sure, I do.
Thor, there's a guy downstairs.
Says he wants to talk to you.
I'm busy!
He ain't here to take out
no membership.
This guy's a dude. Said he's got
a business proposition for you.
I'll be down in a minute.
How come Joe ain't back?
Tomorrow's the contest.
He'll be back.
I talked to him last night.
Run on over to the auditorium
and check out the lights.
I don't want nothing
to go wrong, do you hear me?
Do I look deaf?
- Newton?
- Yeah!
You see this here money?
Sit down,
right here in my chair.
Keep your hands on that shoebox
and your eye on that door...
and don't you move till
I get back. Do you understand?
When Joe wins
this prize money...
there's a big bonus
in it for you.
What can I do for you?
Mr. Erikson.
your license number 67163?
- 64.
- 64.
Say, this guy's here on business
from Cleveland, say.
Poor bastard missed
a connection in Atlanta...
been traveling all day long...
and he checks into this place
around 9:00 at night.
He's tired. He don't feel good.
Know what I mean?
So what's he gonna do?
I'll tell you what.
He don't know how to get him
no ass in Birmingham...
so what's he gonna do?
He's gonna head for a parlor
every time. You know that.
Get him a little bit
of rub-a-dub-dub...
and who knows what-all?
Now, ain't I right?
You better believe it, boy.
Now see, we picked you out
Of over a hundred fellas...
to run this operation
'cause you got class.
Don't bother.
It's only gonna ring once.
All you gotta do
is sell your little business...
to our good buddy
Craig Blake...
and then we're gonna
set you up...
as the massage parlor king
of Alabama.
Craig Blake?
You boys gonna do business
with that little fleabite?
You going broke.
Now, listen.
I appreciate your offer...
but I gotta have some time
to think about it.
Here are the ladies.
- Hi.
- Hello, hello.
I thought you might like to meet
some of the ladies...
who might be working for you.
Audition them, you might say.
What's fun for two...
is more for four.
I know you're jiving.
Look, why don't you
hold on for a minute?
Maybe we oughta
show these girls...
some exercises
we do around here.
Let's kind
of work into this.
Flower, Mae Ruth...
I want to tell you...
that there ain't no common
ordinary nigra.
There is Wamba.
Jungle bomb. Honeypot.
Come on, y'all.
Let's get naked!
Jabo said to treat
these boys right.
Now we'd better do it.
Yeah, but if we...
Now I don't mind learning about
lifting them weights and all...
but I sure as hell
gonna have my privacy.
And Flower, too.
That's right,'cause me
and Wamba want to be alone.
But you're
not gonna whip me...
with that thing,
are you, honey?
No. Who in the hell
is Wamba?
Ain't she something else, man?
Hey, and I want to know...
y'all are having a good time
in there now, by God.
Warm her up. Go on!
I might come in and try her out
myself a little later.
Go on!
You know, I was
telling Mae Ruth...
I never had
no nigra date before.
You want me to get naked?
Sure. Sure.
Get naked if you want to.
Don't take your pants off!
Keep your pants on.
Lay down on your stomach.
Face down. Face down.
Hey, what are you gonna do
with that thing?
Trust me.
Isn't this fun?
OK now, graymeat...
Оставайся голодным Оставайся голодным

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