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Оставайся голодным

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It's the repetition
that defines the muscle.
Do it faster.
Get the blood into the legs.
Come on. Just keep
the tension on the pecs.
Yes. Isn't it much harder?
I think we had something
like this at school.
I'm not sure
I still got the form down here.
Tell me if I'm doing this right.
Is that it?
I never do that one.
what is this Batman routine
of yours?
Is that for concentration
or what?
Not really.
I think it's funny.
It adds a little humor
to the workouts.
You should have seen me
last year.
I wore a frogman outfit.
Everybody was laughing.
Just keep
right on talking, Santo.
they don't judge lip muscles.
They judge thighs,
they judge legs...
they judge backs, but no lips.
I can't wait until
this whole thing is over, man.
Be sure and turn them lights off
before you leave.
Say, what is there,
one Mr. Something after another?
How about galaxy?
Is there a Mr. Galaxy?
Listen, I don't care about
these titles.
But if I win this one,
I could make enough money...
to pay Thor back
all the debts I owe him.
What kind of debts?
He's the one who brought me
over here from Austria.
He got me a working permit...
helped me with the visa,
things like that.
I could pay him back...
with the money
I make from endorsements.
That's like selling your name,
isn't it?
Yeah, but it doesn't bother me.
Names don't mean
any more to me than titles.
I've got some relatives
who'd argue with you about that.
Terrible sign, isn't it?
No. I like it.
Good-bye, Mother.
- Whose old car's that?
- I'll introduce you.
Joe Santo,
Mary Tate Farnsworth...
Dorothy Stephens.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Hi. Right back at you, hon.
Had your breakf--I'm sorry!
Gosh, that was alive, isn't it?
Everybody smile.
All right. Come on, Bill.
Let's go down this way.
What was your father?
He was a sculptor and a teacher.
Excuse me for being so direct.
I've always heard that...
people of
your profession were...
I can only
speak for myself...
but if you want me
to prove it...
- More fish?
- No.
Do you know
the Russian writer Turgenev?
He's so moving.
I just feel too much, Joe.
See, the Junior League--
Which, by the way, Craig,
I'm no longer a member of--
The Junior League
teaches you to...
to respect and to love
all of God's little creatures.
Even this little thing here.
The boat's back.
I'm gonna ski the course, Joe.
That's a wonderful idea.
I think I'll go, too.
Why don't you stay here
and keep me company?
I think I'm going, too.
I'll see y'all later.
- What's the course?
- Slalom, downriver.
- Mind if I come with you?
- You know how?
I'll give it a try.
How'd you get so good?
I had to do something
to get out of Prattville.
Did you ski professionally?
Skied Cypress Gardens last year.
Best damn time I ever had.
You'll never get up on that.
Use this one.
All right. Why'd you quit?
I didn't. I broke my ankle.
Wait, Mary Tate.
Let me explain about Dorothy.
Hey, look. You don't have
to worry about me.
I won't mess
with your little lady.
That's not what I meant.
Then what did you mean?
Dorothy and l, we've been...
We've been friends
for a long time. This is--
Hey, Swamp...
that's a real pretty house
you live in.
I've been meaning
to tell you that.
To hell with the course.
Let's just ski.
Your friend Buell,
he taught me a lovely song.
Y'all want to hear my song?
Oh, God. What a song.
Oh, my number's one
And the fun has just begun
Roll me over, lay me down
Do it again
Roll me over in the clover
I'm not getting out of the car.
I had too good of a time.
Me, too. Thank you, Joe.
What a lovely day.
Craig, do you mind
taking Mary Tate home?
Uh... no.
Good night, honey.
Get a good night's rest.
Well, what about her foot?
Why don't you put the top up?
It's getting chilly.
Joe, thanks a lot.
Oh, Craig.
Dorothy, I'll see you tomorrow.
Isn't that
what they call
Оставайся голодным Оставайся голодным

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