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Оставайся голодным

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Leave it to ol' Craig here.
Amy asked him to come up
with a musical act...
and he comes up with a freak.
- Nice work, Craig.
- What'd he say?
easy on the names,
huh, Halsey?
Hello, everybody.
Look who's here. Dorothy.
I just saw Joe outside.
He's a man of so many talents.
You remember Mary Tate.
Of course I remember
Mary Tate...
the little
water ski girl.
I want a word
with you, buddy.
- You do?
- Yes, I do. Right now.
- Craig...
- Wait for me.
Just talk to Dorothy.
Chub, I want a bourbon here.
When did you turn
vandal anyway?
Now, wait now. I didn't have
anything to do with that...
and you know it,
but I warned you.
Those guys
are a natural force.
What did you expect?
Well, that did it.
I'm through, you hear?
Fine. That's just fine.
You just back out and leave me
to pick up all the pieces...
and all my money tied up
in some two-bit jewelry store.
You can't get out now.
I can get out whenever I feel.
You have no concern
for obligations.
- You have...
- Obligations?
Yes, obligations.
To what?
To busting up the spa?
You owe this to me.
You owe it to yourself.
Don't you understand that?
What am I supposed to do?
I understand that you
got yourself mixed up...
with a bunch
of thieves, buddy.
Easy, boys. Easy.
Hey, easy.
Hey, give me a drink here,
will you, chub?
Hey, suavey,
there's supposed to be a show.
It's gonna start
here in a minute.
Now, you'd better go pry
that big fella away from Zoe...
or there ain't
gonna be no show.
There's gonna be a show,
all right...
Mr. Universe on the violin.
- Hey, does he take requests?
- Will he take his shirt off?
Will he show us his tits?
What the hell's
the matter with you?
He could crush you
like an eggshell, Halsey.
You are sick!
Now, who do you think
you're messing with?
I am messing with
a pencil-neck midget, I believe.
Hit me if you're gonna hit me,
boy, come on.
Wait a minute!
This is between Craig and me!
Shut up!
Come on! Cool it!
- He's gone.
- Get outta here!
Listen, let's get us
a drink...
and then we'll have us
some damn entertainment.
Good to see you.
Joe, when you play, you ought to
be up here, up front...
and you fellas
just kind of...
That's it.
That looks good.
Why don't you let
us take care of this...
and you look after
Mary Tate?
Too much alcohol.
Mary Tate?
Who's that you're with?
how's everything going?
Well, hello, suavey.
I was just telling Mary Tate
here how fine everything is.
Except those damn Jap tools.
They are killing us, Craig.
They're cheaper than ours...
but they do not have
the life in them.
They don't have
the tensile strength...
- Mary Tate, let's go.
- They got nothing.
- Joe's playing inside.
- Well, I'm playing outside.
Glad everything's fine, Lester.
Fine? It's a hell of
a lot better than fine.
Lester, let me see your lighter
again, honey, will you?
Which pocket's it in, honey?
Look at this. Read that.
"Zero defects."
Zero defects.
Well, this boy Lester here,
you know...
he ain't got a goddamned one.
And you know what else?
There's only five other men...
in the entire state
with that pin.
Just five, huh, Lester?
Well, it's for my factory,
not just for me.
That's just terrific, Lester.
Isn't that terrific?
All right! All right!
Thank you.
Thank you, indeed!
Thank me. Thank you.
Everybody having
a good time?
- Yes!
- Good, good!
What? I can't stand
that racket.
Turn to page 93
in the green hymnals.
Sing now!
You dance divinely.
Come on, everybody.
Let's hear it...
for the Muscle Beach
Symphony Orchestra!
Sorry, Tom.
Sorry, fellas. Sorry, guys.
We'll get together
again soon.
That's it for tonight, folks.
Thank you.
Hey, Craig!
Come out and...
Would you give this check
back to our hostess, please?
- You can't quit now.
- I'll tell you what...
Come on. Let's give him
a standing ovulation.
He deserves it.
Hey, hold on there
a minute now.
Оставайся голодным Оставайся голодным

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