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Оставайся голодным

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knock before you come in here.
Damn it,
I was doing my pushups.
All right, Joe, can you handle
a little more weight?
Here I come. Open up!
Ain't he wonderful?
Don't you just love him?
Joe, when are you gonna
take that mask off?
Oh, Joe...
I missed you.
There's my man.
How you been, Hal?
Fine, Craig, fine.
You expecting buffalo
up this way, or what?
No. Just a little maintenance.
Come on in.
You're looking good, Hal.
You're looking
all right yourself, Craig.
How are you?
Well, I've been busy.
Pretty busy.
Some of us have got
to earn a living, you know?
Why are you eating
that carrot like that?
It's good for your jaw muscles.
I eat ten of
these little suckers a day.
- Here, try it.
- No, hey...
- Craig, here.
- It's healthy for you.
No... look, Craig,
what the hell is going on?
Jabo and those guys
won't wait forever, you know.
It's been almost two weeks.
You don't come to meetings...
I've been down there.
He doesn't want to sell.
Oh, great.
Besides, I'm not too interested
in this deal anymore.
You're not too interested.
Listen, buddy,
You better get interested...
because you got my tail
in a crack down there.
Don't you know
what kind of guys these are?
I know...
They'll have our legs broken
or something.
What the hell
am I gonna tell them?
Tell 'em everything
is fine as wine, Hal.
I don't give a damn
what you tell 'em.
What's all the fussing
about in here?
Mary Tate Farnsworth,
Hal Foss.
How are you?
Everything's fine, baby.
We're just doing
a little business here.
Why don't you go take a bath?
Well, what kind of business?
Go and take your bath,
will you please?
OK, Craig, now I understand...
but listen, Craig...
this whole thing
is too big a deal...
for you to blow
over a little tail...
even if it does
look like that one.
Ease off, Hal.
Come on.
Hey, don't you think...
you're taking
this attraction of yours...
to other types of people
too far?
Ease off, mother.
Come on, man,
take a look at yourself.
Stop it.
Look, you're up here in
your parents' house...
you're letting people
down on deals...
while you whoremonger
around with broads...
I ought to kick
your ass for that, boy.
Listen to me, damn it.
I'm telling you
as a friend, Craig...
you have got to get
yourself on track.
- Ka-ra-te!
- Grow up, will you?
I could take your eye out...
like popping an olive
out of a bottle, boy.
Kill your ass
deader than a snapper.
You're pitiful, you know that?
You are really pitiful.
Everything OK down there?
Who was he, anyway?
Ohh... just a friend.
Why don't ol' William
answer that phone?
He's hard of hearing.
Forget it.
I know who it is, anyway.
One thing I can't stand is
a phone that don't quit ringing.
Listen, Mary...
do you think
Thor would ever sell the spa?
No. He still thinks
it's gonna make him rich.
Hoop looks better on me,
doesn't it?
It doesn't look like he's doing
much business down there.
You know, the first thing...
The first thing that...
people give up
during a recession...
is their membership
in clubs like that.
I'm sorry. My dance card's
completely filled.
You know,
I've always wondered...
how you ladies
get out of these things.
My dance card just emptied.
William. Get up.
What are you doing?
I'm quitting,
that's what I'm doing.
You aren't serious, are you?
Yes, sir, I'm serious.
And I'd like
to tell you something.
Your grandmama...
your grandmama,
bless her soul...
if she could see what
you're doing down here...
in her living room
where she entertained...
ladies and gentlemen...
she'd come out of
that picture on the wall...
and drive a butcher knife
through your heart...
and I would help her!
What's the matter with him?
You been with us for 52 years.
Yes, sir.
Fifty-two long, good years.
But no more.
Come on, Willie.
And I'm taking everything
that belongs to me.
Оставайся голодным Оставайся голодным

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