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Оставайся голодным

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That's funny.
No, that's funny.
- Dear nephew...
- You'll see.
You may not have become
the Blake we anticipated...
but you are definitely
Craig Blake...
an identity that no one
will dare challenge.
Musclemen amok in the town
your forebears built.
A formidable achievement.
Fondly, Uncle Albert.
Well, it's a sold house,
Dear Uncle Albert...
"Do it unsparingly,"
you once said...
and so I have.
I asked William
if he would like to stay on...
with the new owners...
but he feels
that way of life...
is as much behind him
as it is for me.
He's opened a thrift shop
using the more salable
objects from the house...
with which
to build his trade.
Found us a spot
down by the river.
- William!
- Yes, sir?
We offered him
a guest membership at the spa...
but he contends
that massage, rays...
weight training,
and the like...
would send him
to an early grave.
I think in some
very special way...
William's approval
means more to me...
than anyone else's
in the family.
Give us a hug here.
Come on down the spa
sometime, William.
It seems strange to be leaving
the house I was born in.
But I think we both know
I left a long time ago.
I simply neglected
to move out.
Squirrels abound where Mary Tate
and I will be living...
so come spy on them.
And us.
Your most loving nephew,
Craig.My dear Craig...
it has been five months
since your father...
and my beloved sister...
there is no time limit...
on grief...
and sorrow.
I know you have expressed
about the steel business...
but perhaps
this is the time...
to seek the comforts
of your tradition.
You are young
and particularly vulnerable...
now that your parents are dead.
Come work with me.
I have heard you are involved...
in some real estate venture.
Is this the time to divorce
yourself from family?
To take up
with unsavory strangers?
You are, after all, a Blake.
let me hear from you.
Fondest regards...
Uncle Albert.
I'll bet you 50
I can beat you to the meeting.
Double it for 100.
We don't want to keep
that Blake boy waiting.
I'm in.
We jumping reds, Jabo?
I see a piece of pelt
I'd like to jump over here.
If I'm lying, I'm dying.
Look out, y'all,
I'm hot as fire...
and I'm burning up Birmingham.
You're standing still,
Blink once,
you're gonna miss me.
Now, boys, well,
you can read 'em and weep...
'cause the Hueytown Flash
has arrived.
Well, we're nearly home then.
Two more pieces of property...
we have the whole block
sewed up.
What'd you finally get
that tailor down to, Walter Jr.?
$35,000 on a refinance.
Like talking to a mule,
that old man...
but he come to see the light.
That's fine as wine.
How you coming, Hal?
Still working on it.
Now, Craig,
this last piece of property...
looks like
you'll have to buy it...
since you the only one left
without his name on some paper.
Like you say,
I'll just go on over yonder...
and make that boy an offer
right down around his ankles.
Yeah, you do that, boy...
and if he don't buy it...
you move up around his knees.
Shit. We don't need
to tell you nothing.
You'll charm that dude blind.
Isn't that right, fellas?
Gimme ten, Mr. Blake.
They made enough on that
Pell City deal to buy Alabama.
We're lucky
they let us in on this thing.
They're the lucky ones.
Now, look.
Just keep it simple.
Just go down and buy the place.
The corporation buys it back,
and we own the block.
We build the biggest
office high-rise in the city.
I know how it works.
My great grandfather
built this town...
by eating guys like that
for breakfast.
Wasn't this your father's car?
Yeah. I figured
it needed a little air.
Are you sure
you're OK up there alone?
Yeah, I'm sure.
I'll see you
at the club on Saturday.
I got the court for 10:00.
Good. See you there.
You'd better put your top up.
Welcome to the Olympic.
I'm Mary Tate Farnsworth,
Honey, I don
Оставайся голодным Оставайся голодным

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