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Оставайся голодным

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the sign
on a program?
Joe Santo?
Mr. Austria?
You can bet your ass
he don't need no program.
Well, neither do l.
What time did--
Excuse me, Mister...
- Blake.
- Thor Erikson.
- How you do, Mr. Erikson?
- Just call me Thor.
There's some
builders and lifters...
who work out at
6:00 to 8:00 at night.
That's what I was
trying to tell him, Thor.
I was explaining--
Mr. Erikson--
That's their time, now.
They're not your kind of folks.
Them boys are rough as a cob.
What line are you in, Mister...
Blake. I'm a businessman.
A man of decision. Real estate.
Relax there.
Get the most for the least.
Know what I mean?
You look in pretty good shape.
I was taking a little look
at your place here and...
I might could get excited
about something like this.
How much do you want for it?
Turn around.
Dear Uncle Albert, I recognize
that I am involved...
with unorthodox business people.
As you advised,
I am proceeding cautiously.
Business causes tension.
But as you would expect...
Sincerely, Craig.
Whoa, whoa. Hey, hey.
You hold it right there.
- Right there on that spot.
- Hey, it's all right.
He was up here
a couple of days ago...
and Thor says it's OK.
Did you eat yet?
I had a little lunch.
What you trying to say?
Thor didn't tell me
nothing about it.
Well, he told me.
It's better if you don't have
nothing on your stomach.
Better not be no spy, say l!
Better not be no spy!
Better not be no spy, I say!
Newton, please.
What's this contest?
Mr. Universe next month.
Thor's been
saving Joe up for it.
He don't want
the wrong people seeing him...
or wouldn't nobody enter.
Are you his trainer?
I'm his grease man.
Oil him up before exhibition.
Oh. Well...
You call lifting them
itty-bitty things working out?
I think the man is doing fine,
just fine.
I've been watching him now
for a while...
and he's really moving big.
He moves like
he used to play hockey.
Hey, Franklin, ask him
if he used to play hockey.
You play hockey?
Tell Batman it was lacrosse...
but I can see
how he got confused.
Joe, you gonna be long?
Mary Tate and Anita
are over at the club...
so why don't
you all go ahead and...
I'll catch up with you later.
Listen, they got
a pool table over there.
You play?
- Where's Joe at?
- Still pumping iron.
Too bad. The band wanted him
to sit in on a set tonight.
Let's don't have any trouble
out of you, huh?
- Don't sweat it, Hayes.
- Don't get on nobody.
What else does this Santo guy do
besides lift weights?
There ain't nothing
Joe don't do.
Man bowls 200...
was near about
an Olympic swimmer...
and before he come here
from Austria...
he was world champion
of curling.
You know what that is?
He's quite a guy, isn't he?
Damn straight.
Let me tell you
something, buddy.
When Joe takes
that title next month...
He's going to have done it all.
You got a hot stick, my man.
Very hot.
Rack 'em up.
Let's hear it for the band!
Anita, now she comes
from Chicago.
Don't flash those greenbacks.
Excuse us.
She teaches down
at the gym twice a week.
What she teach?
Excuse me, Romeo.
Karate. Black belt.
I'm gonna say hello
to my friend over here.
All right.
I'll see you back at the table.
- Hey, hey, buddy!
- Sorry.
What are y'all?
I mean,
y'all are pretty big dudes.
You play football or what?
Yeah. We play for Auburn.
What do you play?
I figured you played
something like that.
What's your name?
Blake. Buck Blake.
Yeah. Thanks, Blake.
"War eagle" now, you hear?
I hear you.
Don't get nervous.
Joe wouldn't care.
You know something?
You look like a swamp.
I've been meaning
to tell you that.
- I look like a what?
- A swamp.
With all that blond hair
and eyes and stuff.
I really like
the way you look...
except for that.
What is that?
Looks like
a little baby squirrel's tail.
Watch out.
Don't get no poop on you, now.
Then last month,
I was in
Оставайся голодным Оставайся голодным

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