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- Yeah, you do.
Craig, hey. Listen to me.
Check the spa.
Anita told me that Mary Tate...
was going back there
to pick up her stuff.
Listen, I got to get
out front, all right?
Thanks. If she shows here,
just tell her to wait.
OK. Listen, if you see Thor,
you tell him now's the time!
Follow that guy.
Find out what's
with Erikson.
Don't worry about Doug.
The finals ain't
for fifteen minutes. Follow him.
Go on.
Mary Tate?
I've been looking
all over for you.
Are you all right?
I love you, baby.
Let me go, Craig.
I'm not gonna let you go.
I love you.
He let me go.
He let me go.
Who let you go?
What happened?
- Mary Tate!
- I'm scared. We have to go.
What happened?
What'd he do to you?
Find Joe!
Find Joe!
What did you do to her,
you bastard?!
What did you do to her?!
Pissant, where are you?
Who the hell are you?
Santo! Santo!
That's enough. Break it up.
One of you is gonna
pass out. Come on.
In just a moment...
the judges will announce
the new Mr. Universe.
The guy named Santo.
He's from Austria.
Fa-vight! Fa-vight!
Fight. A fight. I knew it.
- Fight? Where?
- Erikson's place.
- Oh, my God!
- Hey, where you going?
Dougie! Dougie! I knew it.
The son of a bitch is taking off
with our prize money.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the new Mr. Universe...
Joe Santo!
Hey, Santo! Santo!
Hey, fella, listen.
Listen to me now.
You're causing a panic here.
Now talk slow.
Did Joe Santo come this way?
- Joe Santo?
- He had posing trunks on.
Is that what you're wearing?
I thought those
were his underpants.
No, no. Body builders.
He's one of them body builders.
Show the people
what body builders do.
Hey, Ed, did you see
where Santo went?
These people
want to see poses.
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
We might as well.
Where's Joe?
He took the prize money.
What the hell's
going on here?
Hey, leave us alone.
Attempted rape. Assault.
Enough to get him ten years.
How about taking care
of the crowd, Owen?
Excuse me, officer.
What happened
to this guy Erikson?
He come through the window.
They just took him off.
He's in a lot worse shape
than that Blake boy.
That's a shame.
You didn't happen to see
no money on him, did you?
How about just moving along.
I can't believe it.
You beat up on Erikson...
'cause he tries
to diddle your girlfriend.
She drops the charges,
he agrees to sell...
and now you're saying you won't
sell us back the place?
That's right.
Me and Mr. Universe...
we're going into
the gym business.
That doesn't mean you boys
aren't welcome back here.
Hell, we'll put you all
on a program.
Help you take care of
those love handles...
of yours there, Walter Jr.
Hey, now, quit it!
And that's it, huh?
Jabo, have you thought about
building a skinny high-rise?
Or maybe a little fat, short,
squatty one around my place.
Look, two months from now,
you're gonna get tired...
of playing
with all these toys.
You're gonna crawl to us
to bail your ass out.
But for now,
I like it down here.
Let me set something straight.
From now on...
you do your business
on the other side of town.
You listen to me, hear?
What's he doing?
You think that's funny?
That's funny.
No, that's funny.
- Dear nephew...
- You'll see.
You may not have become
the Blake we anticipated...
but you are definitely
Craig Blake...
an identity that no one
will dare challenge.
Musclemen amok in the town
your forebears built.
A formidable achievement.
Fondly, Uncle Albert.
Well, it's a sold house,
Dear Uncle Albert...
"Do it unsparingly,"
you once said...
and so I have.
I asked William
if he would like to stay on...
with the new owners...
but he feels
that way of life...
is as much behind him
as it is for me.
He's opened a thrift shop
using the more salable
objects from the house...
with which
Оставайся голодным Оставайся голодным

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