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Оставайся голодным

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That's all I have.
The plane leaves again
tomorrow, lovey.
Come on, come on out here.
Now, cut that out now.
Now, I can't deny
that you're underpaid.
Here, gimme.
$20 for you,
and $20 for you.
Come on, let's get out
of here. Come on.
Bonus money.
Now, you girls are lucky.
I've seen Thor keep girls
up here three or four days...
before he even think about
passing out. Come on, girls.
Our next contestant
in the short class:
it's the great
Sardinian warrior--
Franco Orsini!
Hey, which way is backstage?
Backstage? This way.
All right, mediums, let's go!
Hey, we got any mediums in here?
Come on, line up.
Hey, any of you fellas
seen Joe Santo?
Hey, George, get out there.
I told you.
Come on. Come on.
Are you the stage manager?
Hey, Leroy,
I told you five minutes.
Do you know where
Joe Santo is?
He's not a medium!
Hey, you're number three.
Get out there.
I don't know. Number two.
Hey, asshole.
How many poses we got to do--
seven or eight?
Eight poses.
Any of you see
Joe Santo around?
Yes. Try next door.
Thank you.
What do you mean mediums?
We need five more minutes.
Hey, Joe.
Do the four steps. You know,
one knee, it should do it.
How are you?
Glad to see you.
And don't forget,
keep tensing the thighs.
Did you have
a good time with Zoe?
Fine. All right.
Think you'll see her again?
Why not?
I don't like being
too comfortable.
Once you get used to it,
It's hard to give up.
I'd rather stay hungry.
Hey, Santo. When are you gonna
show me what you got?
Terrific, Doug.
Are you going to do that
on stage?
You'll see when we
get out there.
Your peanuts, Joe.
Hey, Franklin.
Is it authentic enough
for you back here?
What's on your mind?
That's why I came over here
to talk to you--
Moe Zwick,
rhymes with quick.
That's my boy over there.
there's oil on the floor.
Look, I've been worrying
a little bit about Erikson.
Now, I'm not implying
that he would head south...
with all that entry money,
but him not being here...
just makes me nervous,
you know?
And I'm not usually
a nervous individual.
Mae Ruth.
Mae Ruth!
Come here!
I want to do it some more.
Get in here!
Mae Ruth?
Jesus, Thor!
What are you doing here?
You're supposed
to be at the contest.
I ain't going to the contest.
Can't go to the contest.
Well, I'm getting out of here.
Don't go. Stay here with me.
Don't go to the contest.
- Thor!
- Mary Tate, stay here with me.
Can't go to that contest.
Stay here.
Stay here.
I know now what I'm doing.
Look. Look, see?
I know. I know you're unhappy.
Look, see? Look.
I just want to make you happy.
Buy you things, pretty things.
Make you feel good.
I can make you
feel happy right now.
Look. Look, see. See?
Oh, please...
Come on. Come on.
It won't hurt you. Come on.
Just a little.
Just a sniff.
Come on. Mary Tate.
It's just that
I miss her so much.
I feel so bad about
what happened at the party.
I'm sorry, Joe.
Really, I am.
Will you put your goddamn
dumbbells down for a second?
Come on.
They're all backstage.
Let's go.
Why do you come to me?
Why don't you tell her?
Because I thought
she was gonna be here.
Look around. She's not.
OK, everybody on stage.
Thanks a lot, Joe.
That helps me. Thank you.
Listen, buddy, you had her once,
and you let her go.
I got my contest
to win here today.
I can't believe you.
You really want to win this...
and you're giving me this
"stay hungry" horseshit?
I don't know where she is.
And even if I did,
I still wouldn't tell you.
Why, because you want her
for yourself?
Now you're talking
about something...
you don't know anything about.
Yeah, I do.
You know what I think?
I think you were testing her,
you bastard.
Hey, give us
a break here, Blake.
You believed all along
she was coming back to you.
Come on now.
My boy has a job to do.
I told you a while back,
you can't grow without burning.
- I don't need this
Оставайся голодным Оставайся голодным

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