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Оставайся голодным

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all over the world.
That shower makes me
feel so much better.
How you feeling, baby?
I'm leaving.
Baby, that was your
first party like that.
Now, you're bound
to be a little edgy.
I did it for them.
I wanted them to meet him...
And I wanted them to meet you.
Because you're so real!
You know?
You're so different.
Don't touch me.
I was proud of you.
Now, can't you see that?
All these pictures
here on the wall...
these experiences
you said you had.
You don't want me.
You want another trophy
for your wall...
Baby, now don't go flying
off at the handle.
And I'm not one of 'em.
Mary Tate!
I loved you, Craig!
I really loved you!
Can't we even talk about this?
Now wait! Wait a minute!
Where are you going?
You don't even have
all your stuff!
Stay out of my way.
I don't want to hurt you!
Mary Tate!
I need you!
Baby, I need you!
Mary Tate!
Your mother's brother Henry
had this pet goat as a child.
He never got over it.
When he got out of college...
and it was time for him
to go into the business...
Henry wouldn't have
any of it.
All he wanted to do
was to be around goats.
So, your grandfather
invited him to leave home...
and Henry eventually
wound up in Jamaica.
He started that goat farm
down there with four animals.
You know what it is now.
Baa baa baa baa--
all over the place.
Now, the point is
that to make...
anything meaningful
out of a life...
it really doesn't
matter what you do...
only that you
do something...
and do it unsparingly.
Uncle Albert...
I appreciate this visit
and the bits of family history.
I'm just a little
strung out now.
Is that what you call it?
why don't you shit
or get off the pot?
I suppose you're right.
What do you look at?
I never had a goat as a child.
50" chest. 19" arm.
281/2" waist.
Medium height class.
Dave Drew.
5'10". 210 pounds.
49" chest.
19" arm. 30" waist.
You entering
as a medium or a tall?
What's this guy Santo going in?
Put me in the medium.
Smart choice. Next.
Hey, where's your boy?
You hiding him out or what?
He's cooling out
down on some island...
and you're gonna see him sooner
than you want to there, Zwick.
How about a picture?
You got a picture of the guy?
Hey, looks like
you been hitting...
them traps pretty
hard there, Stewart.
Not now, Laverne.
Hey, what the hell
kind of language is that?
It's a language he invented.
He's my little brother.
He's a genius.
We talk that way
to keep things private.
It gives me the creeps.
He gives me the creeps.
Besides, I like the way...
you're always cultivating
interesting new people.
I thought they were nice.
I really did.
And I can certainly understand
your attraction...
to that little country girl.
She was sweet.
You want some iced tea?
Craig, I'm so glad you came.
I knew you'd get over
all that silliness.
You look like
your old self again.
Can we go to Anniston
this weekend?
Tootie and Charles have some
English friends in town...
and Becky Farr's driving in
from Nashville.
Don't you understand?
She's not coming in.
Why? Just because
she split the blanket...
with that pretty boy Blake?
Now, you tell her
I'll take care of her.
You know how I feel
about Mary Tate.
Sure, I do.
Thor, there's a guy downstairs.
Says he wants to talk to you.
I'm busy!
He ain't here to take out
no membership.
This guy's a dude. Said he's got
a business proposition for you.
I'll be down in a minute.
How come Joe ain't back?
Tomorrow's the contest.
He'll be back.
I talked to him last night.
Run on over to the auditorium
and check out the lights.
I don't want nothing
to go wrong, do you hear me?
Do I look deaf?
- Newton?
- Yeah!
You see this here money?
Sit down,
right here in my chair.
Keep your hands on that shoebox
and your eye on that door...
and don't you move till
I get back. Do you understand?
When Joe wins
this prize money...
Оставайся голодным Оставайся голодным

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