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Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 1

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Come with me.
I can't.
They would kill my family.
I don't have your courage.
You have more than you know.
Nadia, you have to go.
What are you doing?
Now you have to come with me! They'll kill you!
No. You escaped, you stole my gun, and you shot him.
And then you shot me.
Take it.
Please, Nadia.
Take it and go.
Please, I don't wish to hurt you.
You already have.
The firing pin has been removed.
Robert didn't notice it was missing, either, when I shot him.
But you loved him.
- He was sick.
- Sick?
It took them - one after the other.
I had no choice.
They were already lost.
You killed them.
What would have happened if we were rescued?
I couldn't let that happen.
I won't!
I'm not sick.
I know.
Then why kill me?
I can't let you go.
Don't you understand?
To have someone to talk to... to touch.
"You'll find me in the next life, if not in this one. "
The writing on the back of Nadia's photograph.
I know what it's like to hold on to someone.
I've been holding on for the past seven years to just a thought,
a blind hope that somewhere she's still alive.
But the more I hold on,
the more I pull away from those around me.
The only way off this...
this place is with their help.
Come with me.
You don't have to be alone, Danielle.
Your people -
the ones you're determined to get back to -
watch them.
Watch them closely.
Who is Alex?
Alex was my child.
Guys, please.
I've never made par on a course before.
- Aah! No!
- Ah, dude, you were robbed.
Bollocks! See that?
Okay, Jack, it's up to you.
Sink this, you get to wear the blazer.
- No pressure.
- Yeah, no pressure.
5 bucks says he sinks it.
Mate, you betting against me?
Sorry, dude, but you're a duffer like me.
Make it 10 and you're on.
I don't have any cash, but I'll bet my dinner on the doc.
I got two tubes of sunscreen and a flashlight says he chokes.
I'll take that action.
Yeah. Yeah, me too.
You just bet on Jack, dumbass.
We need the sunscreen, princess.
Does your father know you're here?
Can you teach me how to do that?
Subtitles: Amariss, RaceMan & Travis
 forom. com
Somebody please help me!
What is it?
He was trying to hurt my baby!
We got to find out who did this to her.
Don't worry. I'll be here all night.
Won't let anyone get to you.
I'm not sure anything actually happened.
It's not all in her head.
You think I'm making this up?
- It was safe at the beach!
- Don't do this!
If she stays stressed out like this, it could trigger an early labor.
Claire? What is it?That's french! The french are coming!
I've never been so happy to hear the french!
- Does anyone speak french?
- She does.
I'm alone now.
On the island alone.
Please, someone, come.
The others, they're -
they're dead.
It killed them.
It killed them all.
- I can't stay here.
- There's nowhere to go.
Someone has to walk the shore and map the island,
see what else there is.
I hope we meet again.
What is happening?
You know what's happening.
But I don't understand. Why -
He was your responsibility, but you gave him away, Claire.
Everyone pays the price now.
Claire, it's - it's all right.
Hey, hey, you were dreaming.
You were sleepwalking. All right?
Claire, what happened?
Must have been a hell of a nightmare.
Who said it was a nightmare?
I'd say when someone makes a fist so tight
they dig their fingernails a quarter of an inch into their palms,
they probably weren't dreaming about riding ponies.
- Did you ever sleepwalk before?
- No. I don't think so.
- How would I know?
- It'd get back to you.
I had a girlfriend once that told me I talked in my sleep.
- What did you say?
- Don't know.
Whatever it was, she didn't like it.
How was your ob/gyn in Sydney?
Good. She was good.
She was okay with letting you fly in your third trimester?
Yeah, I went for a checkup a week before, and she said it would be fine.
- Ultrasound was cool?
Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 1 Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 1

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