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Особенности национальной охоты

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trembling of his extremities began,
...careful, uncertain walk,
and then subsequent paralyses.
The teenager has become literally
brutalized under the effect of alcohol.
He's got short-tempered,
aggressive and reserved.
His behaviour revealed estrangement.
Remember. Alcohol consumption,
especially in prime years,
...when a personality is being formed, is
not only undesirable, but also intolerable.
Well, will you drink?
No, no, no. And once again...
We must go to the aerodrome.
We should comb the whole forest.
So, I haven't got it. Are we to go
hunting or to look for your cow?
- Hunting.
- Okay, let's go to the cape as agreed.
- And have you got a license?
- Of course... no.
- Oh, you've found!
- I did told you that Lyova would find it.
- Semyonov, do you understand
what you owe us? - You don't ask.
Well, Lyova, you're a real sleuth!
What does it mean they don't fly?
I've got a general here. General.
- Good, let's fly.
- Come on, I'm waiting.
Now we'll know everything.
They send here a helicopter.
No good, from a helicopter,
tank-it's not the sporting way.
Semyonov, we've seen wild boars
at the distant swamp.
- Listen, my General is an old man, it's
hard to walk for him. - I've got you.
Look in the vicinity.
No need to go far.
And will you take me to hunting?
Semyonov, we see elks at the cape,
near the weir.
- How many there?
- Two.
- Two elks at the cape!
- And is my cow there?
Come on, move! What are you dawdling
there? How long should we wait for you?
- Where should you be?
- And where should I be?
- At your number!
- Oh, Lord! I'll be at my number for sure.
Is it possible to sit for a minute,
have a lunch, isn't it?
Well, why are you standing? Let's go!
You, two-bit of hunters.
Kouzmich, Kouzmich.
They're bypassing.
There're stones there. Stones. There're
narrow valley there. Narrow valley, you see?
Stand there. The beast isn't a fool, it
won't go in your direction, and you... it.
No, no, you'll thank me later on.
Mikhalych, take the launches here,
we leave!
That's finish, we've missed the beast.
It 's gone through the channel.
The beast has gone
through the channel.
Yes, there.
Yes, let's get over.
- Zhenya, we what, hunting apes?
- There're no apes in Russia.
I've seen a huge ape. Ape!
Well? What shall we do,
shall we return and catch it?
- I don't know.
- Well, then let's go hunting elks.
Kouzmich, Rayvo says
that he saw some ape.
What do you have here, a snowman
inhabiting these parts?
What ape? What snowman? Beasts
are leaving, elks too! All aboard!
Again, Semyonov is wandering somewhere,
dirty cop. Semyonov!
While you fancy some apes,
the elk will go away.
You are exaggerating. They don't
produce such high boots here.
Here's the biggest one.
You think hard when you cast bullets.
Now it's cold. Who will let out
a naked person outside?
Well, what are you sitting
here? Kouzmich!
The beast is over there, in the depression.
It dashed so quickly through the forest!
Antlers like this!
Aim lower, comrade General! Lower!
Don't let it escape to the fir-grove!
I've hit it!
Well, have you tumbled it?
Well, have you seen how I laid it?
Right in the head, bang!
Of course, you don't say so. I've shot it
point-blank. So that's me who tumbled it.
Come, don't dispute. Most important we've
got it. Though my shot was the last one.
After all my shot was the last one.
Why to be busy in guess-work?
Now we'll descend and see.
Well, eagles, we've laid the beast.
What are you saying?
My bullet's got it. My bullet.
And I said to him, comrade General, aim
lower. He-bang! And missed. Bang! Missed.
- I started shooting afterwards.
- Imagine. You think Mikhalych could miss?
And I'm not surprised at that. By the way,
I've been paying heed to that for long:
he doesn't kill beasts.
Doesn't kill beasts. In fact he shoots,
he shoots, but just aimlessly.
- Well, whose shot was the last one?
Особенности национальной охоты Особенности национальной охоты

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