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Особенности национальной охоты

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told, we must go to
Gloukhi! And where were you lurching?
And what is this, fucking aboriginal?
And this... is Gloukhi.
- Kouzmich, what number
did you shoot, hey? - Five.
It was closely grouped fire.
Exactly between us.
- Take off your high boots.
- What for?
Come on, take off your high boots.
Your boots will go for patches.
- Mikhalych.
- Take off, take off.
Lyova, why do you cut them into
big pieces? Try from the upper part,
the rubber is thinner there.
Be quiet, all the same they will all be used.
May be even this won't be sufficient.
There's no fish here. No fish.
So, fish together with beasts
are gone to the remote cordon.
Well, stretch! Come on.
Don't be excited. Come on, lift it.
Here it is, here it is, darling!
Who's let it go? Yes, I've let it go.
And it lashed me so hard!
Nobody could hold it!
I don't know how to hold it?
I held such species!
Of course, in my excitement
I could hardly jump for it there.
- Kouzmich.
- What?
- You what, got a good command
of Finnish? - What Finnish?
- He speak Finnish after all.
- Who speaks Finnish?
He's a Finn.
Who's a Finn?
You've found it all the same.
Kouzmich, he says that we should not give
way to despair. There's hope we'll find it.
- We'll find what?
- My pistol.
Ah, yeah, yeah.
Here, he says that we shouldn't
give way to despair. We'll find.
Well, what? D'you know
what shall we do now?
We know. Now you may...
...give way to despair.
No pistol. It's lost.
You'll go to work.
Can you do something?
Well, that's the reason
to give way to despair.
And you know what pains me. I held it
in my hands. It was like this. Like this!
It wagged its tail, plumped
into the water and...
You teach me?! Teach a learned man?!
I've seen so much fish
what you've never dreamt about!
Now I'll take dynamite, bang so loudly
that your eyes will pop out of your head!
- Oh, My! And what I grabbed it by?
- Shut up!
And you'd better start fighting,
you hot-tempered Finnish boys.
- Well, let's get down to fishing.
- Lyova!
Lyova! Skip your fussing about
that boat, come to us.
Lyovka, come on have a seat.
You're drinking, aren't you? Drinking
and drinking, and drinking, and drinking.
Swapped everything for drink.
Do you think Russia's finished,
don't you?
Take this! Take this!
Take this!
Are you scared of something, aren't you?
Are you looking for a life-saver in it?
What have you found in it?
Sheer poison.
You what, Lyova? You've scared me.
No, that happens to me too.
You know, sometimes it'll grab me,
hold and doesn't pass away.
At this moment you resort to it,
or go to women.
And it's better altogether
at once and in abundance. Yes.
A militia man is born.
The beauty Elle was laundering on the river,
she slipped on a piece of soap and fell.
And the lad Yussy was
speeding on a bicycle.
The wheel got into a pit, and Yussy
fell upon the bicycle carriage.
Now Elle and Yussy
cannot love each other.
Okay... this one to art.
And when I was such a little boy
I would throw away this one.
Moment. Now I'll prove it.
Let's search over there.
Now we'll be fishing. Now we'll
fish to such an extent...
...that your eyes will pop
out of your head.
He will see how our people can fish.
I'll prove to you,
who's a fisherman among us!
Now it'll bang so that all fish
in the river will come to the surface!
- All will see how I can fish!
- Dynamite is with him!
Stand! Attention!
First thing in the morning, tomorrow
we go hunting. All go to bed.
Oh! Mommy!
Hound pack! Valday!
- Zvona, Zvona!
- Commander!
Head, hold its head!
I'm holding.
You've got a good one.
Serv, you've got a good beast.
Good fella.
Serduey Kirillovich, little boys saw
a whole brood near the new village.
What shall we do?
- Let's go.
- To the new village!
And he stopped recognizing
the people he has known.
He started forgetting what
were the days, months and years.
He didn't know where he was.
Особенности национальной охоты Особенности национальной охоты

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