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Особенности национальной охоты

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come out,
the bear is sleeping!
So, it has gobbled it, skunk.
Has eaten.
Are you gone out of your mind?
Look at its belly.
Okay, speak up, where's Seryoga?
- What are you saying?
- I asked you, where's Seryoga?
You asked him to write an explanatory
note? He is too drunk to make sense.
Better speak, or it'll be worse for you.
Yes, he was the last who saw it!
Scum! He will tell me everything now!
- Scum!
- He's a bear cub!
A young bear.
Ah, you scum!
Let me go.
It seems to breathe. Seryoga,
wait, we'll take you out!
Seryoga, wait, we'll set you free.
Have patience.
You, wait.
Zhenya, what's happening?
This is... training.
Before Russian hunting.
Let's put him. Seryozha,
give back the gun. Give it back.
Give it to him.
This way.
I thought that it was the end.
I'm all completely numb.
This way.
What was that? Stop. Hold it.
Well, what did you expect,
it's the rescue facilities.
Well, bring this... to me.
- Quite small.
- Yes, small.
But it gorged much vodka.
- Kouzmich, what are you feeding it with?
- I told you that it's not the season yet.
Well, what shall we do with it now?
Yes? What shall we do with it?
That's me who asks
what to do with it.
Yeah. What to do?
Something should be done.
Say "June".
Oh, mummy! Mummy!
Be careful.
Don't anger it. Easy!
This is a beast, after all.
Oh, take it away!
You shouldn't shoot! I've told you,
it's not the season yet!
Quiet! Go away! Go away from here!
I'll tackle it myself. Go away!
Look, what a scum!
Easy. Seems all is intact.
What a scum!
- What a scum, isn't it?
- Easy.
- Scum, isn't it?
- All. All's intact.
Who's shot? You've shot?
- Semyonov, will you drink vodka?
- Vodka?
...I will.
And I was guessing, what's the row?
And this is you having a rest.
And we've got an emergency case:
the cow was stolen yesterday.
With the letter "K" on two sides.
The huntsman is all right. There happened an
involuntary explosion of hunting cartridges.
Well, you write down like this.
I'd like very much to go to a real
Russian hunting. Real Russian hunting.
Yes, the real Russian hunting
is very good.
I like hunting, but...
I don't have spare time.
Well, give it to me.
Lower, shoot lower.
- What?
- When shall we go hunting? Elk.
Ah, I see, I also feel like having a woman.
Only it's late already. They are all taken.
If only in a cow-shed. Cows.
Dairymaids. You understand? Dairymaids.
- You and I go to dairymaids.
- Aha, elk.
And... You see?
Only you should change your clothes.
Your clothes are no good.
You and I go to cows to make love.
I don't so feel making love to cows.
- Zhenya... - Why have you smarten
yourself up, is it for dancing?
Kouzmich calls to make love to cows.
It's no good to refuse Kouzmich. I could
do it myself, but I can't be unfaithful.
And you go. Go.
I repeat, if there's no car, then they went
to fulfil an assignment. Or for vodka.
We've got plenty of vodka, so,
they went on assignment.
You were in a uniform alone.
Now you're without that uniform.
So, you went on an assignment.
But not for vodka.
'cause we've got plenty of vodka.
You know what rumps they have!
Like this!
In Finland we also
have very big cows.
- And tits like this!
- Ours don't have tits.
Some knocking in the engine.
Here you are, moisten your lips.
Have a shot, they like it.
- Get your bearings meanwhile.
I'll go to fetch one for you. - No, no!
Kouzmich, Kouzmich, I don't want! I've lost
my appetite! In fact I've never had it.
Rayvo, come here.
Smile, They like it.
I see, in our Finland cows
also like kindness.
We're mistaken a little.
Open up here come your people.
Well, how are they? Pretty.
- Pretty.
- Yeah, yeah.
Come on!
Stop. Stop, stop!
Shalfey and Valday are leading.
And who's the third one?
- Tuba.
- May be Tuba.
- Yeah, yeah, Tuba.
- No, it's Zvona. That's its barking.
Exactly Zvona.
Особенности национальной охоты Особенности национальной охоты

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