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Особенности национальной охоты

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Ville Haapassalo, Alexey Buldakov,
Victor Bychkov
Semyon Strugachyov, Serguey Koupriyanov,
Serguey Russkin, Serguey Gussinsky
in film by Alexandr Rogozhkin
Editing Director Tamara Denissova,
Editor Nelli Arzhakova
Make-up Nataliya Ratkevich,
Director Alexandr Vassiliev
Composer Vladislav Panchenko,
Sound technician
Costume designer Tatiana Dorozhkina
Art directors Igor Timoshchenko,
Valentina Adekayevskaya
Cameraman Andrey Zhegalov
Financial director Mikhail Kirilyuk
Producer Alexandr Golutva
Screenplay and production
Alexandr Rogozhkin
- Bravo, Nikolenka!
- Good for you, Nikolenka.
- Well, I can do that too.
- Here you are, hold it.
Everyone can do that with a dagger.
Did you see that?
Zakharka! Don't mutilate the boys.
Well, let's start from
the Otradnevsky enclosure?
I think we shouldn't set all packs on.
We'll pursue by two groups.
- Well, shall we begin from
the Otradnevsky enclosure? - Yes.
Here you are.
Let's go! And you dare!
Don't do it as the last time.
Those with hounds, go!
Why so much alcohol?
Hunting is recreation.
I'm afraid even that
much won't be enough.
After all, did You want to know
what is the real Russian hunting is?
Yes, I did.
But I don't like to drink.
It's voluntary with us.
Nobody will pour out by force.
Zhenya, I'll have a walk.
Don't be lost. Don't talk to the locals.
For them, a foreigner is just a wonder.
- They may take you for a spy.
- What?
Eh, you'll never perceive the features
of Russian out-of-the-way parts.
Pardon, it's really inconvenient to
trouble you, but my trumpets are burning.
I'm dying completely. Be so kind
as to present me a small sum.
Forgive me for troubling you.
Well, the trumpets are burning.
Make a donation. Don't let...
- I see, shall I exchange?
- Yes, sir.
Thank you ever so much.
Are there many foreigners?
What are you speaking about? What
foreigners here? The border is near.
- Are you gonna hunting?
- Yea, yea, hunting with General Buldakov.
You've got a very
strange number plates.
Devil knows what kind these plates are.
We've won that in an international lottery.
- So, you were lucky.
- Lucky.
- Hi, Zhenka!
- Hullo!
We, ve already loaded. Move!
Mikhalych is as angry as the devil!
- And you're a brick.
- You know, I've taken more.
Well, they've already swept all.
- Here's Rayvo.
- Hi!
- Serguey Olegovich.
- Khaapassalo.
- Sayenko... Are you a Finn?
- Finn.
- Do you speak Russian? - No, no,
Russian is a very difficult language.
Rayvo writes a book
about Russian hunting.
Russian hunting? Russian hunting
is a very good one. A bear...
Elephant. Russian elephant.
Russian elephant...
Russian elephant is the best friend
of the Finnish elephant.
Do you get me?
All right. This is...
- Let's urgently load aboard the ship.
- Yes, good.
You'd better drive the car to the
parking Lot. Otherwise it'll be stripped
to the skin in no time.
Well, how much we should wait?
We'll set sail in 5 minutes.
Mikhalych, we hadn't time to load vodka.
If we don't take vodka,
...then we'll fulfil the normative.
- Vodka we take!
Oh, here is our Finnish guest.
Well? Welcome to the land
of your ancestors!
- Rayvo.
- Soloveychik.
I studied Finnish at school.
Mikhalych is a general.
- Belt out something in Finnish.
- Will I?
Name? Rank? Location of your unit?
GI Khaapassalo!
Aerodrome protection company!
If you want to live, take us
to the rocket installation.
We don't have any rocket
I see, you studied the Finnish
language at military school.
Well, all I knew I've told you.
Mikhalych, what were you asking him about?
I hope, without anything specific military?
He asked how to get
to the Lenin Museum.
- Did he?
- Yes, he did.
- Rayvo, are you all right?
- Everything's normal.
Comrade General, battery commander, is
interested what will be your next
Особенности национальной охоты

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