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Они сражались за Родину

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But we'll do our best
to hold the line.
God help you!
Say, can you spare any fresh milk,
or maybe a little butter?
You should ask our farm's manager.
She's over there,
the freckled one.
- What's yourjob around here?
- l'm a stable-man.
l've been working here 3 years now.
l do all the odd jobs. They even
promised me a bonus this year.
l hear you're a boss here, Glasha.
The prettiest boss l ever saw.
Like cream to a man that's starving.
And with my appetite,
l could eat you
right up!
l give you my word!
Chew you to pieces and swallow you.
l wouldn't even need mustard.
- l'll do l guess...
- Now, now, don't be modest.
You're a pretty thing, Glasha,
too bad you're not mine.
Tell me what made you
so big and gorgeous?
ls it all the fresh milk you drink?
Stop that!
Grab that pail and come on.
You'll get butter later.
l can come get the butter later? When?
You better watch out.
Or you'll get this.
Oh, that scares me!
So we'll fight?
Come here!
What do you want?
l'm going to yell!
What's keeping you so long? Your
skirt got caught in the ice box?
Get up here now!
And go bring me
that mare right away!
Are you going across the Don
or you staying?
l'm interested just in case.
We're leaving right now, soldier.
Maybe you'll go along too?
No, our paths go different ways
for the time being.
But if we're to meet again,
where can l find you, Glasha?
l don't see why you'd want
to come and find me.
But, if you really wanted
to see me very badly,
look in the forest across the Don.
We won't go far away from the farm.
l gotcha!
Well, l'll go, Sasha, huh?
- Don't. The sergeant will be mad.
- l wouldn't go.
But l'm doomed to.
Oh, Glasha...
l could stay with her the rest
of my life under a cow's belly,
just squeezing the udders.
The cow's or hers?
lt doesn't matter.
Be seeing you.
lt'd be a sin not to accept
- We must not leave it to the enemy!
- l'll buy that, go get the butter!
Air raid!
l'm returning you your portrait,
l'm not asking for your love...
They got one!
That one's got a serious stuffing!
There you go!
lf only those ack-ack devils would
shoot like that all the time!
Gimme a shell!
Here you go!
They're coming for us.
Dive bombers,
they'll be firing now.
Here they come!
Three craft, four...
Gimme a shell!
Get that bastard!
Get him!
Gimme a shell!
What's the matter, Petya?
You asleep or something?
Are you hit?
- Petya!
- Lay off, Sasha!
That's one shit that won't be
bothering us!
One kraut less.
That's how
we'd beat them!
You got him sure enough,
no two ways about it.
All right, at ease.
Lopakhin, the lieutenant wants you!
Nice going, Lopakhin!
You see how l got him?
There he was on his hands and knees,
shaking his head and asking,
''Fedya, am l still alive?''
And his eyes nearly
popped out from fright.
And he smelled like a compost heap.
l guess he was so scared that...
You alive?
What could happen to me?
Well, congratulations!
How'd you shoot him down?
- Have a drink.
- What about you?
Go ahead, drink.
Thanks a lot.
Was it your first plane?
First one.
The lieutenant-colonel phoned about
who it was that shot that plane down.
- You'll probably get a decoration.
- Great idea! l'm all for it.
You can go now.
We must prepare for a new attack soon.
Tell Borzykh...
That'll be a hard fight.
They don't know
there are so few of us.
They think
we're a whole division.
You've got nice belts.
lt's gonna be a hot day.
So keep your eyes open!
We've got to hold this bridgehead
till the army has crossed the Don.
Hey, you Siberian!
Are you immune to bombs?
l'm not worried,
l can only be killed once.
Don't you have your Siberian
dumplings to treat me to?
For that,
go to see my wife in Omsk.
What's today?
lt's Sunday.
On Sundays,
she always makes dumplings.
Why don't you drop in on her?
No, that's a long way to go.
l'd better do without dumplings.
A long
Они сражались за Родину Они сражались за Родину

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