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Они сражались за Родину

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You can't be a commander.
Why not?
To command a regiment takes
a serious and independent man.
So you think
l'm a fool?
You talk too much and you brag.
Have you ever had any trouble at all,
- l've got lots of trouble now, why?
- You sure don't let it show.
l don't see any point in making
a big issue of it.
What kind of troubles do you have?
Same as everybody else
in these times.
My home town must be occupied,
and my wife and father
are still there.
And Germans have got the mine
where l worked since l was a kid.
Then there's all the buddies
l've lost forever.
See what l mean?
You see what kind of a man
you are, Lopakhin?
Here you are with all these troubles
and all you do is tell jokes.
Nikolai Streltsov was what l call
a really serious man.
He was a man who really respected me.
And it was mutual.
Even his wife left him
because he was too serious.
And what are you? A miner,
with a lump of coal for a soul.
You've got no talent
for anything but coal.
And you're a lousy shooter...
You're a shallow man. You're fine
on the outside, but nothing inside.
Anti-tank gunner, that's a serious job.
Not for a guy with your character,
and your character, Petya...
Hey! What's wrong with you?
Come on, turn around the other way,
you warrior!
l guess l started to doze off, Petya.
Doze off? You were out,
like an old gelding in harness.
You may be strong as a horse,
but you can't fight off sleep.
That's true.
l can go to sleep again while
marching on.
lf you see my head
dropping down like that,
do me a favor, hit me on the back,
and hit hard, or l won't feel it.
That l'll do with pleasure,
a rifle bang right in the butt.
Here, have a smoke.
Nothing like a cigarette to chase
the cobwebs.
l can't stand to see you
looking so bushed.
Man, you lookjust like them...
even worse.
There's only enough for one here.
Take it back, l don't want to rob you.
We're in great shape, scrimping
on tobacco like this, eh?
Don't argue,
light up.
Go ahead.
Give it to me.
l'll have a couple of drags.
Smoke, Vanya.
Enjoy it.
Man, what a view
l have here!
''Join the army and see the world!''
Petya, let me give you a hand.
lt's unbecoming for the commander-
to be to dig holes in the ground.
Please help me, Vanya,
help me.
From here, we can really nail
the bastards.
We'll mow 'em down!
You will see.
l'll blast them to bits!
You sound very brave now.
And yesterday, when the tanks were
coming, you turned as pale as death.
ls that true, Petya?
l always get pale
when things get dangerous.
Sasha, give me a cartridge,
give me a cartridge!
As if l don't know what to do.
He was as nervous as a lady.
Hey, lvan the terrible!
You're just scratching
the surface, like an old man.
ln digging, like in making love,
one's got to go as deep as he can.
You've got to get
below the surface!
But you're all surface, Vanya.
That's why your wife doesn't write,
she has nothing to remember you by.
Oh, Vanya, Vanya,
you fucking jerk...
My goodness, Petya,
what a dirty mouth you've got.
You shouldn't swear so much.
Your ears pricked up like a hound
dog. You smell something?
Listen, Sasha, stay here
and garrison the fort.
l'm gonna take a peek around
in that barnyard there.
- What for?
- A reconnaissance mission.
ln case the sergeant or anybody else
asks for me, tell them l had cramps.
Tell them l couldn't wait,
l've been having the runs.
l may even have caught dysentery.
Hey, girls, look at the handsome
soldier come to visit.
Drat it, girl, l'm still waiting
for you to bring the mare around!
Don't worry, Luka Mikhailych,
you'll get across the Don in time.
Hi there!
- l'm Pyotr Lopakhin!
- Hello and welcome.
What is this place,
a collective farm's stable?
No, it's our dairy farm.
We're getting ready to retreat...
If they fight here, they'll
blow up everything in sight.
Yeah, looks like your farm is gonna
be the center of the action.
Они сражались за Родину Они сражались за Родину

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