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Они сражались за Родину

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an invalid?
Cut the pants,
ifyou need to.
Not the boots though,
do you hear?
- Nobody's asking for your advice.
- They are my boots!
So what?
They used to be yours.
I can't pull them off
or I'd pull your leg off.
Listen, funny man,
pull them,
pull them gently,
I can stand it.
I'm afraid this is going
to hurt a lot, son.
Oh, my God!
Why are you staring at me,
comrade lady doctor?
Haven't you seen
a naked man before?
There's nothing
special about me.
This is not
an all-union exhibition.
And I'm not a breeding bull
from that exhibition.
I wasn't admiring your manly
charms. I'm doing my job.
Now lie still
and stop talking.
comrade doctor,
I can't see your rank
with that smock you got on,
couldn't you give me a bit
of alcohol on the inside?
Patience, patience, soldier,
you'll be better off without it.
Or a painkiller
or something.
Don't you have
Or you have to
skimp on drugs?
Does it really
hurt all that much?
You can take it,
can't you?
I warned you
that it was going
to hurt quite a bit.
So what's the matter?
Or it's just because you got
a nasty disposition?
But why are you,
comrade doctor,
messing up with my live body
as if it were your own pocket?
Excuse me, but it can make a man
not only curse,
but howl like a dog.
- Is the pain very bad?
- No.
There's no pain,
it just tickles.
And I never could
stand to be tickled.
That's why
I'm crying.
Let me out of here!
I don't want to stay here!
Go to hell!
I can't take it
Send me anywhere
but not here!
Send me back to the front!
I don't want to stay here!
Where are my boots?
Bring 'em here!
I'll put 'em under my head!
That way they'll be safe!
There're too many thieves
around here!
If you want boots,
you gotta earn 'em.
You have to wear 'em
when the tanks are coming!
Any moron can cut
someone else's boots!
Oh, my God!
How it hurts!
The pain's too much!
All right, we'll spend the night here.
It's too early to stop
for the night.
Let's have a smoke, and by sundown
we can be at division headquarters.
How about it, Sarge?
We haven't eaten all day!
We could make it
to division for supper.
Knock off the bellyaching
and discussions!
I can't report to the colonel with
a bunch of starving footsloggers.
We're staying here.
And get this: by tonight
you've got to be neat and polished.
Get the holes in your uniforms
patched up, sew on buttons.
Those with boots falling offyour
feet, fix them up somehow.
And, of course, get your weapons
as shiny as mirrors.
Patch that hole in your pants.
You're as naked as a cherub. Nobody
wants to look at your tail.
If I was a cherub
I'd be up in heaven now.
And I wouldn't see you there.
Comrade Chairman,
you're a war veteran.
So you're supposed
to understand our situation.
But you're behaving, excuse me,
like a foolish woman.
As I said, I can't help you.
I'm not asking for much,
Comrade Chairman!
I can't,
Comrade Sergeant!
Doesn't look like
sarge is getting anywhere.
Hey, Lopakhin,
go see what you can do.
Just make out a bill,
you'll get paid.
I keep telling you that
our warehouse is empty!
But you won't believe me.
It's no use patting on my leg,
I'm not a girl,
and my leg can't feel anything,
it's made of wood.
Come on!
There's only about
three kilos here,
and maybe even less.
The boys are ready to drop from hunger.
And I'm not able to do anything
about it at all.
Don't you worry, just let me
take over that department.
I'll get everything organized.
What's on your mind?
Some crazy scheme again?
It'll all be legal, I give you
my word of honor.
It'll be only me
who'll suffer.
Of course, I'll have to break
my code of morality.
But since it's been already undermined
I'm willing to make a sacrifice.
Stop pulling the wool over my ears,
tell me about this.
See for yourself.
Comrade Chairman,
you got a minute?
Listen, you've been in the same boat,
so I'll be
Они сражались за Родину Они сражались за Родину

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