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Они сражались за Родину

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with fresh mutton
and cabbage too.
Want to know how?
Over by the bridge, a bomb fell on
a herd of sheep, l dressed out one.
l couldn't let it go to waste,
could l?
So l cooked the lamb
and stole some fresh cabbage
from a kitchen garden.
l cooked everything, and now l'm here.
l'll fight for a little while, support
you youngsters,
and then you'll have hot borscht
with fresh meat in it,
prepared with all my skill.
So everything's all right with me.
Are you pleased with me, hero?
Where's all your big talk?
My dear namesake!
Listen, Petya,
instead of patting me,
how about giving me a grenade?
Sure l'll give you a grenade, Petya,
you've got one coming.
- Here's a grenade for you!
- It just might do a little good here.
It's simple.
Pull this thing out,
and bounce it offtheir heads!
lt's all right!
Thanks for your kindness!
Hey, Sasha,
pull up your pants and hold on!
How's your morale today?
All right?
Well, that's good.
You have to keep your sense of humor
in this kind of business.
Gimme a shell!
Wow! That's real shooting!
Take a look at that, Sasha!
Who taught them to shoot?
Whoever taught them
deserves a kiss.
Watch, Sasha!
At this rate they won't need us.
Did you see that, Sasha?
What's wrong with you?
You look all gray.
This kind of life will make anyone
look gray.
There he is!
Get the bastard!
Gimme a shell!
Gimme a shell!
You stupid bastard!
Are you fighting or what?
Why didn't you shoot?
- Me?
- You!
You've got a kraut there,
so shoot!
l want him dead,
not taken prisoner.
Shoot him!
Before he raises his hands up!
I want to be up to my knees, to my
neck in his stinking blood!
Film Two
O God, have mercy!
Don't let me die!
What they have reduced me to,
Of course I am not
in the party,
so religion isn't strictly
forbidden for me.
But still...
...l didn't do so good.
It didn't look
too nice.
But when you're hard pressed,
you may pull any kind of antics.
Death is no joke,
everyone is equally
afraid ofthe damn thing.
It doesn't matter if you're
a party member or not,
or just an ordinary man.
Just you wait...
That son of a bitch is drunk!
I'll ground you now.
You will have your
last drink on the ground.
Come on!
Exhausted by their unsuccessful
attempts to take the ford,
the Germans broke off their attack and
took up positions on the heights.
That evening,
the Russian rear guard
received orders to pull back
across the Don River.
Our life is worth
just a heap of hardware!
It was Kochetygov who did it.
And now he's dead.
I pity his mother.
How's the poor woman
gonna make it?
When I see boys like him,
only eighteen or
nineteen years old,
get killed before my eyes,
it makes me want to howl.
It doesn't matter
if I'm killed,
I've lived long enough,
I've tried life from every angle,
but kids like him...
Stop it!
Stop whimpering!
So the boy's been killed.
But so have a lot of
You can't bemoan everyone.
Come on, let's get going.
All the boys are gone already,
and we're way behind them.
I wish I had a smoke.
You can do without. Just be patient.
Be patient! Be patient!
If there's one thing the Russian
soldier has it's patience.
I've got enough patience,
but I'm not made of iron.
I've lived
through so much today
that my patience has more
holes in it than my boots.
What about lvan Zvyagintsev?
ls he dead too?
How the hell should I know?
- You saw him fall, didn't you?
- Yeah, I saw him.
But I don't know if he was
killed or just wounded.
Maybe it wasn't him?
Maybe it wasn't him who fell?
You could have made
a mistake in the confusion.
No, it was him alright,
I saw him clear enough.
A mine went off right behind him,
and I saw him fall.
But whether he's dead or not,
who knows?
Nurse... dear.
Where'd you come from?
Give me a little
Они сражались за Родину Они сражались за Родину

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