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Они сражались за Родину

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your bundle?
Where'd you find 'em?
Over by the dam.
The water's like ice there!
- Did you get many?
- Near a hundred, but they're not big.
Too many for just you two!
Listen, l'll get a bucket and a little
salt. ls it a deal? lt's a deal!
Good day
and good health to you.
Grandma, have you got a bucket you
could lend us? And a little salt?
We caught some crayfish
we want to cook.
- You want salt?
- Yes.
l wouldn't even give you this manure.
And certainly not salt!
Good heavens! What'd we do
to deserve an answer like that?
You don't know what you've done?
You should be ashamed to look at me!
Where are you running to?
ln a hurry to get across the Don?
And who is going
to fight?
Perhaps you want us old folk
to defend you from the Germans?
You abandon the people
without any shame
or conscience!
So you want salt, do you?
Go beg the Germans for salt!
l won't give you any!
Get out of here!
You can scold just like my mother.
You're not worth
even a scolding.
What did you get that medal for,
catching crayfish?
You'd better not touch
my medal, Grandma.
lt doesn't concern you.
Everything concerns me,
my dear soldier.
l've worked like a dog
all my life,
paid all my taxes.
Did l support the government for me to
see you now running like jackrabbits,
leaving the country
to be destroyed?
- Do you understand it?
- l know all that without you.
- But you've got it all wrong.
- l'm telling you what l know.
You're too young
to teach me.
lf your own boy was at the front now,
You wouldn't say all that.
lf my boy was at the front?
Go ask around,
they'll tell you.
l've got my three boys and
a son-in-law out fighting.
And my fourth, youngest, boy was
killed defending Sevastopol.
You're a stranger around here, or
l wouldn't even bother talking to you.
But if my sons came back here,
l wouldn't let them on the place.
l'd greet 'em with a broom handle
across the head
and tell them right to their faces:
Are you fighting a war?
Then do it right, you scoundrels!
Don't drag the enemy after you
across the whole country.
Do not shame
your old mother!
Sorry, grandma.
l'm sorry.
She's made her point.
Hey, soldier!
Be sure you bring back
the bucket.
Well, we're not too proud,
we might as well take it.
Thank you, grandma.
Thank you.
There was that little old lady up
there. Man, could she talk!
Her sons are in the army.
When she saw a soldier, she couldn't
do enough for me, offered me cream.
- And you turned it down?
- What d'ya take me for, a bum?
Eat the old lady's
last food?
- Depends on what she looked like.
- Better tell us about your old lady!
- Leave my old lady out of it.
- You should've taken it, Lopakhin.
You can take the bucket back.
Then you ask her for the cream.
Oh, that aroma is great!
l'm so famished
l feel like diving in.
What this calls for is beer...
Nice and cold!
They should put tarps on those wagons,
they're gonna roast in this heat.
Just like being in a restaurant!
ln Rostov, at the hotel lntourist.
The smell of crayfish
boiling in herbs.
They're good enough even without
Look, they're cooked fine now.
Why the hell is that convoy
rolling in the daytime?
lt's open country. They're dead ducks
if planes catch them out here.
Something must have happened
if they're retreating.
And the sappers stopped
hammering and digging.
So much for our gourmet feast.
Bloody hell!
We've received an order:
We are to dig in
on the ridge up above the farm,
near the crossroads.
Our mission is to hold
until the reinforcements arrive.
You all got that?
Our battalions have been
badly mauled lately.
But they didn't get our regiment's
We shall keep the regiment's honor
We must hold at all costs.
Going into combat with the banner is
one thing, but retreating with it...
Think we'll be able to hold 'em?
We must.
That's not the ground,
that's murder.
ls it worth all the trouble,
Они сражались за Родину Они сражались за Родину

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