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Они сражались за Родину

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that she had gone.
She left only a note, and that's all.
The bitch. Had she found herself
another guy?
l don't know.
Chances are she had.
There's just no understanding
You're a good-looking man after all.
You had a good income
as an agronomist.
What the hell did she want?
Did she think about the kids?
Petya, let me have a smoke.
Have you been to the medics?
l have.
- So how is it?
- Nothing doing.
- Then why'd you go over?
- Looking for anyone l knew.
There's one pretty little doctor there.
Couldn't you get to her?
- l didn't even try to.
- Oh, don't give me that!
l spotted you shining your shoes
and polishing that medal of yours.
But, of course, some of those
wounded have snappy medals too.
You nut!
With the crud you cook,
nobody's interested in sex.
Boy, I've lost so much weight,
I haven't had a wet dream lately.
Me neither.
You're rolling that thick enough
to choke a mule, take it easy, eh?
Half of that will be plenty.
I don't know how to roll 'em any
finer when it's your tobacco.
- Take some out!
- No, no, it's fine like this.
l'll bet it is, with my tobacco.
I roll 'em a bit finer
when it's my own tobacco.
What are you dreaming about, hero?
My dreams are glum.
Like that crap
you feed us.
I hope you slept well last night,
dear Mister Streltsov?
Talk with the cook,
my head's gonna split.
I see.
on account of our retreat,
this heat and your headache.
Let's go swimming, Kolia,
we'll have to start out soon.
So that's you, fop!
Come on for a swim with us.
We'll get some of that crap off you.
Now that's what l call a tractor,
Nikolai! lt's got real power!
Did you see that thing
it's pulling?
Well, this engine could pull three
combines at once, on my word!
Go ahead, start 'er up!
He's gonna be here all day, let's go.
Nekrasov, why aren't you swimming?
l've got malaria.
You're in a bad mood today, Nikolai.
How come?
l don't see any good
reason to be happy.
You don't see any reason?
You're alive, aren't you?
And that's a good reason.
Just take a look at that sunshine.
lt's bliss!
l'm surprised at you: you're an old
soldier, been fighting for a year now.
And you still have emotions,
like a brand new recruit.
You think just because we caught
hell once, it's the end?
The end of the world?
The end of the war?
Lopakhin, you're the kind of optimist
that should've been a preacher.
l notice you even went down
to the medical station.
You should
have come with me.
There's a lady doctor down there,
Kolia, she's a lieutenant.
She's the best medicine there is...
Take my word for it!
She's got all you could ask for
and a little extra.
She's just something!
She's not a woman, she's
a six-tube rocket launcher!
And probably even more dangerous for
us, not to speak about the commanders.
One thing is clear to me:
this is a catastrophe!
A catastrophe of the size
we don't know anything about.
But it's easy
enough to guess.
We've been marching five days.
Toward the Don.
And then Stalingrad.
Our regiment's been walloped good.
And what about the others?
About the whole army?
lt's ''pull back, pull back''. When do
we stop pulling back?
And you say: ''Be happy, you're alive.
The sun's shining, flowers around.''
l'm sick of all
your flowers!
And l see no reason
to keep my tail between my legs
like a whipped dog.
Sure we've been rumpled up. Serves
us right, we should fight better.
l'll tell you this: if you have to cry,
do it someplace else, will you?
- l'm all out of sympathy.
- l don't want your consolation.
Nor l need your lectures.
But can you tell me...
- When are we gonna learn how to fight?
- We'll learn right here.
We'll learn it here in the steppes!
l get so mad
l feel like a red-hot coal!
You could spit on me
and you'd see the spit boiling!
l feel ready to explode!
Jump in here,
or l'll come get you!
You bowlegged freak,
l'll show you how to dive!
What have you guys got there,
Они сражались за Родину Они сражались за Родину

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