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Они сражались за Родину

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Just keep those Germans
away from us.
To be frank, you can't
keep retreating like this.
You must stop
and fight!
I'm sorry
to talk to you like this,
but you have no reason
to be proud.
I guess we picked
the wrong approach to you.
You certainly did.
Ah, well.
That's the way it goes.
The case of
"I'm returning your portrait."
I'm losing my magic
touch with women.
A brand-new division.
You see those guys?
All spit and polish.
Yeah, real elegant.
They'd be fine in a parade.
Of course, one can
fight like this.
But had they got into a mess
like we've been in yesterday,
they wouldn't look so smart,
those dandies.
Nikolai Streltsov!
Where the hell did you come from?
How'd you
get here, pal?
Here I am screaming
and you don't answer!
...so glad...
to see ya...
How aaare...
Let's sit down.
It's hard...
...to talk to me.
After that bomb fell...
now I don't hear.
You're deaf, aren't you, Kolia?
Why'd you run away
from the hospital?
Oh, I didn't run away.
Just left.
Holy hell, man, what for?
You should be...
Oh, Kolia, Kolia!
You stupid jerk,
you need treatment.
What the hell for?
You need treatment!
What do you mean, what for?
See, my ears...
don't bleed anymore.
So why...
should I stay in bed?
The regiment got
in a very difficult situation.
You need every man.
And then, I just...
stay there.
You see?
I couldn't stay away.
So... I came down here.
To fight beside my comrades.
Even a man that can't hear can fight.
Isn't that true, Petya?
That's true!
Oh, holy shit!
My dear deaf man...
It's so good...
to be here...
with you.
There they go to Stalingrad.
Unfurl the colors!
I salute you!
Our motherland will never forget
your great efforts
and your suffering!
Thank you!
Thank you!
The victory will be ours!
We'll take the banner
of the great liberator-army
to Berlin.
Did you hear?
And while we keep the love
for our country in our hearts,
and will keep it as long
as our hearts go on beating,
it's at the bayonet points
that we'll always carry
the hatred for our enemies.
Mikhail Sholokhov
Honored Artist ofthe RSFSR
Vassily SHUKSHlN - Pyotr Lopakhin
People's Artist ofthe USSR
Vyacheslav TlKHONOV - Nikolai Streltsov
People's Artist ofthe USSR
Sergey BONDARCHUK - lvan Zvyagintsev
Geogry BURKOV -
Alexander Kopytovsky
People's Artist ofthe USSR
Yuri NlKULlN - Private Nekrasov
People's Artist ofthe RSFSR
lvan LAPlKOV - Sergeant Poprischenko
Honored Artist ofthe RSFSR
Nikolai GUBENKO - Lieutenant Goloschyokov
LanceYcorporal Kochetygov
Honored Artist ofthe Ukr.SSR -
Nikolai SHUTKO - Cook Lisichenko
Screen Adaptation and Direction by
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Music by
Vyacheslav OVCHlNNlKOV
Vladimir DOSTAL
Also starring
July 1942
Hey, it's time for a halt,
isn't it?
You said it. Since morning we've
marched 25 miles at least.
l'd love a drink of cold spring water.
Half a bucketful for every man here.
Regiment! Forward march!
The war had reached even this
remote farm lost in the vast steppes
near the river Don.
You drink that water like
you read your son's letters.
You read a little bit, then you
put it away to read more later.
As for me, l don't like to drag
things out.
l just haven't got the patience.
Give me the bucket,
or you'll get swollen.
Nikolai, the only letters you get
are from your son.
l never saw you with one from your
wife. Are you a widower?
l've got no wife.
We're separated.
When did it happen?
About a year ago.
l see...
Who has the children, you or her?
You have two, don't you?
Their mother's got them.
So you've left your wife, Nikolai?
lt was she who walked out on me.
The very first day of the war...
l got home...
after a business trip and found
Они сражались за Родину Они сражались за Родину

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