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Олимпиус Инферно

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We need to pull out the splinter.
Need medication, instruments.
We need bandages, injections.
Do you hear what I say?
We need the tools and medicines.
Michael! Michael!
We've got 15 minutes. or we lose him
Where can we get this?
Is there a pharmacy?
the Pharmacy was not far from here,
but there was a missile attack.
I've seen an emergency car
in the center of the square.
We need antibiotics.
Where is your fucking pharmacy?
Pharmacy is near, it's around the corner, but
there is remained nothing because of missile attack.
Bring him some water!
Someone help!
Don't you can do it faster ...
Shut up all!
-Make me an injection.
-Me? Can't you?
I can't make self-injection.
It will help me feel better.
Just in the arm.
It was the most painful
injection in my life.
When I pass out
- don't hit me on my face. Salmiac is more effective.
- I need a knife!
- Here is the knife, take it.
Do it faster, faster!
Hold it.
Move your hand out. Hold his head.
Thanks, but don't put this in the mouth.
Hold the head.
Give me... Tweezers.
Well, take.
Raise the head.
Quietly, quietly, quietly.
- Keep bandage.
- Yeah.
- Tie this up.
- Yep.
He'll be alive.
Thank you very much. I will
pray for you whole life.
Vaho, you messed everything up. They help us until
they believe that we are those who were attacked.
If you'll loose that
information act like an officer:
Step away and shoot yourself.
Wait a bit, I'll drive up soon.
Can we open a road from the
town, a humanitarian corridor?
What for?
It'll work for the West
- we are letting the civilians leave a town.
You're thinking about
wrong things, comrade.
They need to join the Russians. They will try to
escape with the refugees. There is only one road here.
Think how to do this.
I'll call the general.
PDA, Ossetian woman: "It's a genocide of
the Ossetian nation, total extermination".
We don't know anything about our
family, there is no connection.
В. Путин: Это вообще ни в какие рамки
цивилизованного поведения не укладывается.
Осетинка: У нас один своими глазами видел
- старушка бежит с двумя маленькими детьми...
и видел, как по ним танк проехал.
...Достигнута договорённость, что с 3
часов дня до 6 часов вечера объявляется...
мораторий на стрельбу со
стороны грузинской части.
What did he say?
- He said civilians could leave.
- Do you believe him?
- And if it the truth?
- We need to check.
How do you check?
He's still bleeding. He
needs a hospitalisation.
I can't help him.
Надо кому-то ехать, а потом
сообщить всем остальным.
На чём ты поедешь? На мне?
You've got a car!
My car has destroyed by missles.
These bustards has destroyed it!
There should be a car, if
it's not yeat bombed up.
So, we need to go!
- I'm going with you!
- Take the bag.
Come quickly!
The transmisson's not automatic!
Can you drive?
I can't drive. You drive!
Put the clutch and break pedals!
Switch on, now!
Release clutch pedal
slowly! Step on the gas!
Your secretary Condolise Raise...
made a statement: Russia
had been attacked Georgia.
Prime-Minister of Great Britain...
deplores Russian aggression
You'll see soon.
The world community...
calls for the isolation of Russia.
US navy ships are
bound to Georgian coast.
Как бы не началась третья
мировая! Сюда лезут и лезут.
I had a neighbours, the Georgians. We peacefully dwelt
together. We celebrated every grand occassion together.
don't move son, don't move. He probably
wants to drink. Has anybody some water?
No, No! He's forbidden drinks!
-When will we arrive?
-We're on halfway to the hospital.
Надо нашим позвонить,
пускай выходят из города.
Сейчас отвезём пацана
и тоже вернёмся обратно.
This is for us.
Freeze! I said, Freeze!
Go! Go!
Show me the butterflies
that you had filmed.
Where is the disc?
I've got no disk. We were under
attack in the city. We've lost it.
Bring that old man here!
We've got a lot of
Олимпиус Инферно Олимпиус Инферно

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