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are journalists.
Where do you drive them?
To the Tskhinvall, we're late. They
have to make a report about some general.
Put the car over there.
- I tell you ...
- I said, park the car.
I have an order: No journalists. The battle
is still being fought there. In a few hours...
Cxinval's still not conquered. They
think they will get it in few hours
Damn! I need to go there.
Where is our peace-keepers?
You want me to ask georgians?
"We're looking for our friends".
Can I make a few photos?
Put down your cameras! Get them inside!
Are you journalist?
What do they want from us?
We must to get to Cxinval. Main
peace-keepers base is located there.
There's war in the
city, didn't you hear?
Your realy want to keep it hidden?
I don't want to die.
Don't fear. You'll be under my
protection. I promised your father.
You promised that the peace-keepers will save
us, but they couldn't save even themselves.
Civilized people don't
shoot to peacekeepers.
It's not my war.
OK.. I gotta go
Where are you going?
I'll tell them I need to go to the city.
We'll leave the car, I'll find
some way to go to Tbilissi.
You can do whatever you want, I dunno...
I thought that you'll
be the second Nabokov,
but you're milksop, coward.
Okay. Okay.
What do you offer?
Get disk to TV and tell 'em the truth.
This will be the bomb!
The girl has video record of
the beginning of the operation.
She'll take her place in
the history of journalism.
Why so happy about that?
I think as a professional.
If russians show it on TV
- we wouldnt be able to keep it clean anymore.
How do they look?
Tall American, Russian
girl and a local boy.
Hey, they got my jeep!
It has channel logo on it!
This one
- to the front line.
Listen, my uncle is major!
I don't give a fuck, who is your uncle.
What's going on there?
We're revealed.
Jenny, stop. Stop, Jenny!
Listen, let's destroy it!
We'll hide, till all that ends.
How many people must die?
Like this guy...
He saved us, so we must survive
and tell all the truth, understand?
And you tell THAT his mother?
Who will be the next
- you or me?
We're hunted!
Do as you want, scout.
I'll go alone. I owe Gabo too much.
(the cell's ringing)
Hello? Jessica, the beloved...
Yes, I'm also very missed.
What you've just learned?
But it's not true!
No! No, Georgia start a war!
What? Listen...
No, no, I'm okay. I'm going to the
embassy and from there to the airport.
Yes, of course, the armored car.
Don't worry, I'm in complete safety.
I'm call back to you later. Love you.
On every channel they say
you attacked Georgia!!!
Did you expect something else?
Look, we got the free press
- they can tell whatever they want to...
- They were cheated?
- By who?
I don't know... Georgia!
Do you believe this?
Where are we going?
I gonna Skinval, to
the peace-keepers' base.
What if there is no base anymore?
Too late, capitan!
Maybe the're already near Tshinval.
Can't see the target yet.
You've got one hour. Get them alive.
It's shooting there. That's a good
sign. The city isn't conquered yet.
- Do you know where are we need go?
- Approximately.
And where are we now?
To the south, I think. We need to ask
the natives about the peacekeeper's base.
Where's the ATM there.
We need some cash.
Take off the helmet.
- What?
- Take off the helmet.
- Why?
- And the armour too.
Because, these are the NATOs uniform.
Taxi! Taxi!
Stay! Get down on the ground!
There, there! There asylum!
My Boy! What happened to him? Help!
- Don't shout!
- Help!
Michael, why do you stand? Help!
- Is there a doctor.
- There isn't a doctor.
My son's dying! Somebody help me!!!
You studied in the medical
University! Your father is a doctor!
-I've got gemophibia.
-What the Fuck?
I'm afraid of blood scenes. I
fall into a faint when I see it.
See him!
Shenya, don't bring
me to do that. I can't
I said, see him!
Michael, wake up!

- 1612. .

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