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Eat it, son, eat. Take
more bread and cheese.
Follow that road and try
to not be seen by others.
(Gabo whistles)
I will take you there and go to
Tskhinval later. The same road, anyway.
Come on.
(Zhenya's cellphone)
Andrew, hi.
I? I'm fine.
Good weather.
You don't need to contact
anyone from Ministry of Defence.
No, you can't buy any tickets to here.
Everything is fine, honestly.
I will call you later.
Battery is low and I have no charger.
This is a protector. This is single-round
firing mode, this is multiple-round firing mode.
This is a lock.
(turns off phone)
- Can i touch it?
- Yes, of course.
There are no bullets?
Okay, good bye. We need to go.
Come on?
(cell ringing)
Where did you get the
cell-phone? From mom?
Andrey, do not call every five minutes
There's no war here. We're
just resting around fire
Ok. Miss you. Bye
Why don't you wanna talk to him?
- I've nothing to say to him.
- Nothing?
What do you want me to say to him?
That we're in deepshit? That
I even don't know where we are?
That a fascist kills people in front of
my eyes, and an American guy follows me?
And than my mom receives a heart
attack, and goes to the hospital,
and Andrey flyes here and get killed.
- You know what i tell you ...
- Shut up.
(BTR's coming) Russians.
There are some journalists.
C'mon, they'll drive us to
the peace-keepers. Let's go!
They'll drive you, but not me.
OK. I'll go my way.
Thank you.
Thank you. If there weren't you
mother woluld never let me go.
- Come on.
- Come on.
Cmon, Shenya! They're about to leave.
What you can see behind me, the
consequences of mass airbombing
We are in one of the Georgian settlements
destrodyed by Russian air attack
Russian air strike.
Tonight illegal forces in South Ossetia,
with the complicity of
Russia, attacked Georgia.
Independent Georgia is
forced to defend itself.
Francis Avatou, SBC
Hi. Sorry. I'm an American.
I and my fiancee cames
under fire. We need help.
So, you're yankee?..
I would say that this is
not Georgia, Did you know?
We can take you.
Sir, you said that this is
Georgia. This is not Georgia.
We're going to Skinval.
You just said Georgia,
but that's Ossetia
We won't discuss that. All I've
sid will be on TV in half an hour.
I can proove that
Georgia started the war.
That seems interesting.
I need to see that, before
we'll be discuss a price.
Still have doubts?
Now conditions.
Before the video
- there should be an interview with me.
On any usage of the footage
it should be noted who took it.
And thirdly, the financial question.
Take the disc.
And what are you doing?
Hands on the car!
Baby, tanks and planes are crap.
Reporters are the main thing.
Have you heard of media war?
The whole world thinks
that Georgia's under attack.
I've forgot to get your phone number.
I gonna study in Moscow when the
war ends. Will you show me around?
No problem.
- In the car!
- Give me the hard disk!
Michael, give me a smile.
Nope, now you look
like a mental patient.
Stop laughing, look to the
camera. Take off the helmet
Explain why they do it?
It's a new type of war. You cries louder
- you win.
Remember Iraq. US cried that
there was chemical weapons.
When the war ended, All was clear: 'No sign
of weapons of mass destruction. Oops, sorry'
People believe all the shit shown on TV.
But even we believed when Saakashvili
said the  peace will be established.
Here, this is information warfare.
You know, there was a some case once.
One western journalist
took footage from Afgan...
with dead bodies behind tanks,
that once were made by Russians.
And announced to the whole world, that
it's Russian atrocities in Chechnya.
Thanks God world learned the truth
later and there was a big scandal.
Why would you want to
become a journalist?
Now, with your HDD, we'll
try to change the situation.
It's not ours.
Drive forward. We


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