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think we believe
in this butterfly's shit?
Get em in the car.
Captain Adams.
I reported that you are
detained American citizen.
Misleading information,
captain. They are Russians.
No-No, we're americans!
This person is under the
protection of American flag!
Passport is a fake, captain!
Take care of your business.
He's an American!
Captain Adams.
Michael Orayya arrested
by Georgian troops.
Visa since yesterday.
If you weren't american,
louse, i would ...
I had a possibility to
learn your language, captain.
Thanks, lieutenant.
Us intelligence confirms that
US citizen Michael Oraya is in Georgia
We must evacuate and
send him to the Embassy.
You have to let her go.
I don't care about
citizens of other countries.
She is my bride!
She will receive U.S. citizenship after the
wedding! We've prepared all the documents!
I'm not going anywhere without
her! Do you want to i stay here?
I order to free the girl.
And let's he get back my camera.
This is property of
the american university!
What's going on here?
Operation of establishing
constitutional order in the country.
It's a war!?
Yes. girl, it's a war!
Listen, Jenny! We need to get the
hell out of here to the Tbilisi!
Are you fool?
Jenny, where are you going?
Move faster! We need to find Akhsar!
They aren't here.
Michael .. Look, look what's going on.
That's her!
That's her!
Olimpius Inferno.
It's a miracle.
Wake up from coma.
Do you understand that tomorrow this is
going to be the biggest news in the world?
I could only dream about it!
So, we need to take this.
How long you can bring it?
Jenny, This is a property
of the university.
You know, i can go to
jail if something is gone!
Michael, you stay and protect
property of your university. ?
Let's go. Forget it!
Let's go!
Jenny! Jenny, we have
to get all of this!
Get this?
Come on, answers me ...
Akhsar? Akhsar, are you alive?
We're in the reserve.
Askhar, they'd begun the war!
Yeah, understood.
He is waiting for us at home, and
will show us the way to peacekeepers.
Get down!
What are you doing?
Say, where? Where?
Talk! Talk!
Vakho! Didn't you recognize me?
Did he shot that man?
We must call cops.. He must be arrested!
Listen, let's get out of here.
Who are you calling to?
To the US ambassy, they gonna save us!
That guy is looking for
US, do you understand that?!
It will happen the same with
us! Let's get out of here!
Only our troops can help us!
(Russian peacekeepers) Get up now!
Don't look there!
TV, Dmitry Medvedev: ...Civilian people are dying
- women, kids and the elderly.
Most of them are citizens
of Russian Federation.
In accordance with the
constitution and federal law,
I, as president of Russian Federation,
am obliged to protect the lives
and dignity of Russian citizens,
wherever they are located.
We won't allow the death of
our compatriots go unpunished.
Where are we going?
We're going wrong way!
We're going right way.
How do you know?
Do we have a choice?
We're lost, aren't we? We're lost!
I've told you. We had
to call to the US Embassy
Go ahead, call to your goddamn Embassy.
Let them send air-carrier for the rescue
Here is no connection.
Understend, here is no connection.
Buy a normal phone.
(goes handcar)
Who are you?
We? .. We're russians.
They are russians!
And where do you going?
To ours, to the peacemakers.
But it's a wrong way.
Let's go.
And where do you going?
I'm going to the Tskhinvall to fight!
Stop it! We are going to
the city, to our relatives.
Gabo, you are the only
one i have! (alive)
Yesterday, father was killed by
Georgian tanks, right in our backyard.
We tried to get him away from backyard (bury),
but neighbors said that soldiers mined him.
What do you mean, "mined him"?
Georgian soldiers put the grenade under the
body, it explodes when relatives come close.
We couldn't even bury

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