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speed can achieve  50 km/h.
We'll set up our cameras in the most
probable places of appearence of butterfly.
There is a motion capture,
autofocus, picture ajust.
Hold it, please.
The camera transmits a picture to the
receiver to save it on the hard disk.
Right here.
then it appears on the display, and
we can see what is the camera shooting.
Excellent. There may be hundreds of
hours of shooting on the hard disk .
Allright. Now we need
to install cameras.
Can't we do it in the morning instead?
Healthy people don't work in the evening. I even
brought raka (arak, alcoholic drink) with me.
What do you mean "you brought raka"?! Real
scientist can not lose an entire night.
Yes, scientist
- can't. You know, when we were filming in Africa for 20 hours a day, nobody complained.
Oh, Akhsar...
Equipment is very expensive, so ... Can
you watch for it while we're out here.
What for? There is nobody here,
I don't even lock the door.
For the extra fee?
Well, ok, go.
Why are you became the entomologist?
It is a very prestigious
profession in the US.
Even Nabokov was fond of entomology.
Well, if Nabokov himself.
Why not a doctor, as your father?
I have tried. It was not for me.
- Fainted at the first autopsy in medical school?
- Yeah.
Got my head right in
dead body's stomach.
Are you kiddin? PHoe!
My head was stuck, I
was pulled by my legs.
Police and firemans were called...
-That's all. That's the way I live since this event.
It was a small joke, Jenny
- Is it supposed to be fun?
- Yep.
Pherackoris abdarus.
What is that?
Exhauster. It works
like the vacuum cleaner.
Mike, what's goin on?
- Michael!
- 911 ...
What the fuck? C'mon breathe! Do you think
I gonna give you mouth-to-mouth respiration?
Spit out that thing! Spit out!
I've swallowed it!
What was that?
Forest bug. Red bugs family
Have you ever used that staff before?
A thouthand of times!
There's a ladder
I've just imagined that your ass' stuck between
these stones and  a lot of butterflies warm on it
OK. Allright/
You know, It's my
first trip for insects!
Me and Jessica were
in Africa as tourists!
Do you like to hear it, right?
Why the fuck did you go with me?
When your father made a call my mom..
and he wanted her to find somebody
to keep an eye on his boyscout
in North Ossetia!
Ok, that's enough
No, you know, honestly ...
I just wanted to meet the guy, with which I
was over the hears and head in love at school!
But he was blind. He
didn't see anything!
And then He went to America. I had been written him
a lot of letters for three years. He didn't answer!
I didn't receive anything.
We moved often ...
I've got a girl-friend, Jessica. We're together
since high school. We'll announce an engagement soon.
I've got a real boy-friend too,
that you couldn't ever dream!
I've no dreams about guys!
Let's continue, boyscout.
Look, do you want to set up
these cameras all around Ossetia?
It was not my idea to have
you here, in the vicinity.
Listen, I'm doin you a favor. Not you.
Where did you get them?
Counterintelligence officer
ordered to conduct reconnaissance.
He's got an american passport
The girl hasn't got any documents
Untie and send him to the embassy.
Counter-Intelligence has just arrived.
Americans. What are they doing there?
Americans indeed!
He's Russian with american passport.
The girl's from Moscow. I'm sure!
I knew that they will
be somewhere near here.
What the fuck are they doing here?
We settle it, colonel.
Remind the crew..
no photo or video on
cell-phones, and no home calls.
Let me remind you, captain.
What kind of equipment did you bring?
Entomological! There's
exhauster, ammunition...
We're here for butterfly.
Olympus Inferno!
Give me my cell-phone back!
I wanna call to the Embassy!
How many cameras do you have?
One.. in the village. And foto camera
We search here for butterflies!
Let us go, please!
Do you really

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