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from ranger his work.
Well, see you.
You've told me all about your Medal
of Honor, and how is about your wife?
This is a long story. I
need a three days to tell.
Tell me, Are you sure
there will be no shooting?
Don't worry. Not at you, definitely.
- Thanks a lot. Good luck.
- Good luck.
It's tough here.
Maybe we should hire this man. He
could be a carrier for my equipment.
How much will it cost?
He'll take a half of your things.
He says, he came to earn something
He left his family in Georgia. He is
selling all. He may sell his own mom.
All georgians are like
georgians, but he is a shady one.
I've caught him in the reserve. He doesn't
look like a poacher. But what did he search?
Listen, Do you have any
normal roads in here?
Hello. How are your wife and kids doing?
- Good. And yours?
- We're fine.
Go away.
Well, how is wine?
It's great wine.
Give me more.
Go away!
- Mikee?
- Mike?
Drink it or the car gonna broke!
Let's go?
Well, good luck. Best
regards to your wife.
And who was he? Yours relative?
Why? I've never seen him before.
- Hello.
- This is my wife Taira.
Michael, Jenny.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
It's a bad sign. Georgians are leaving.
On weekend, maybe?
With all goods? I hope here
will be no bombing again.
And where did they go? What did she say?
She say, This is georgian tradition
to go on a wedding by all crowd.
- It's all right. OK.
- Is it good?
Sorry, dear, all the mess here.
They have gone to granddad for a
week and we can't make order yet.
- And how many children do you have?
- Three.
We alwais have a three pie
on the table by tradition.
It's like sun, water and earth.
To the Lord, Let saint
Georgiy save us...
To our meeting. Cheers!
TV, news:  Mikheil, you and we...
TV News: ... heard Georgean
contrary assertions...
Don't you like the "Raka"?
Askhar, we need to get
to the reserve. Let's go
Drink up, dear, and we'll go.
TV: in the afternoon their
representative announced
that they stop fire in the conflict area
and, as announced by the President
of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili...
- Let's go?
- Quiet! There's 'Saaka' (Saakashvili) on TV
And who's this?
Don't you know? He is the king af Spain.
- Are you kidding?
- He is the president of Georgia.
...at the level of the most
modern European standards,
and Russian party will be guarantor...
of ensuring and saving of
Osetian people's autonomy
God bless, there won't be a war.
- Do you believe him?
- And who else can i believe?
Our children is used to hiding
in cell when they hear explodes.
To the peace, To the our
childrens future without a war.
To the peaceful sky.
We should go to the reserve, yeah?
You are so boring ...
Let's go, ha?
The time before opening of Olimipic
Games is less than one day...
But we have got first records...
These Games were named in advance...
as most expensive and representative...
Hey, Jess, my love, hi...
What? No, no. I'm fine. My voice is ok.
I'm not ill.
Listen... I've just thought...
Let's announce an engagement
just I get back home?
We'll throw a barbeque party. All the
friends. No dress codes, no restaurants.
And, please, let's keep mom out, ok?
Ok, think about it. No, I just can't
talk right now. I'll call you back.
Of course, I love you.
I miss you too. Bye.
Let's go, a bridegroom, eh?
Let's go.
And why do people always
war at the Caucasus?
Because one mustn't do
that sort of thing here.
Mishka! (The girl calls
for her companion by name)
Now i understand, why your
olimpius-shmolimpius live in here.
- The Perfect place.
- Yep.
Where did you get all this stuff? What
are you going to do with that butterfly.
We will cut her legs and
punish her! Yeah, Mike?
No, Jenny. I'm going to
collect them and make a movie.
Are you gonna climb on the mountains?
It's all much simplier.
Do we go?
It's hard to shoot a night butterfly.
Olimpius Inferno flight

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