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under my protection.
The guy must be back here in 1 hour.
You pay $100
for every minute he's late.
The countdown has started.
2 days after Plato's death
Zoom in
on the people in the procession.
That's impossible.
Let's go.
What're they doing?
What's up?
Here we go!
There's a bomb in the tomb.
Don't stay here.
Don't stay here. Hurry up!
There's a bomb.
- Did you hurt yourself?
- No.
It won't take long.
You know,
I must be crazy,
but for me, he's not dead.
And his casket is empty.
I can feel him...
here, not far away.
8 years before Plato's death
He's looking at us and laughing...
like that time on the boat.
- Who's that?
- We said, no girls.
Hello, Viktor.
How are the crocodiles?
Still green?
As green as our dollar bills.
Lengthwise and widthwise.
I saw a beautiful girl
looking for a taxi.
I took a closer look.
It was Maria.
Call me Larry.
Are you new?
We're the new guys.
He's the old guy.
Everything's changed with us.
Plato, aren't you pleased?
Our partner, head of the Lada plant.
I'm Grigori. What lovely ladies
there are in Moscow!
- Mr Ahmed.
- Pleased to meet you.
Do you work with them, too?
I sort out problems...
We've been working together
for a year now,
and I'm very pleased
by how smart you youngsters are.
Let's drink
to Infocar's first birthday
and to Plato's talent.
Care to dance?
Wiith you?
I live in Moscow
for a week per month.
Are you looking for
a part-time lover?
I'm sick of Moscow tramps.
I dream of a high-flying woman.
Like you.
What do you say? Alright?
Alright to what?
To fly away with you?
Fair enough.
Are you asleep or what?
Get out!
What's gotten into you?
- Don't panic!
- Stop it!
Stop it!
Full speed ahead!
You're tireless.
In every way, you know!
The engine will blow up!
Quiet. Come eat.
You've gone crazy.
Mark, let's catch up with them.
You see, if it weren't for me,
we'd have forgotten it.
It's dumb,
but I'm afraid of heights.
Don't worry, I'm here.
1, 2, 3...
I saved the kebabs!
I wanted to make it
Infocar's club.
No rent to pay,
you stop wherever you like,
even by the Kremlin.
Mark! You taught me to swim.
Get off me!
Plato, where are you?
Why did you disappear last time?
I understood.
- What?
- Everything.
- Everything?
- Yes!
What about your life?
Everything's just fine.
And your husband?
I don't have a husband.
Here we are.
So, no husband is good,
but no job is bad?
You always figure things out fast.
Faster than me.
- Can I come up?
- What for?
Just for 5 minutes.
Got anything to drink?
The fridge is empty.
- Want some tea?
- Great!
- I dream about tea!
- Good.
Who are you?
My name's Plato, too.
Where's mom?
Go back to bed!
Hurry up!
- Why didn't you tell me?
- What?
- About my son.
- He's my son.
He looks just like I did
at his age.
He's nothing to do with you, OK?
OK, I get it.
Stay there.
I'll be right back.
Isn't it beautiful?
It's for official appointments.
Very beautiful?
It's for the unofficial ones.
It's your office.
And what do I have to do?
We'll put in a table and chair.
You'll sit down -
it'll be beautiful.
Where's Plato?
He's not here.
Your first job
is to buy a teddy bear.
Buy the biggest there is.
Send it to this address
with a note from Plato.
As usual:
"I love you. You are special."
It was my address.
That's how I found a job
and lost my son.
He took him off you?
He sent him to some English school
for millionaires' kids.
You OK?
Stay down.
The bomb's defused.
2 pounds of explosive!
We'd have all died!
3 days after Plato's death
So, how's the investigation going?
The DA's office
has worked long and hard.
We have 3 theories about that bomb:
either it was the work of rivals
to eliminate the heads of Infocar...
The Solntsevo gang,
to eliminate Ahmed,
the big boss who was

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