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Many people hate me,
because I'm rich.
But if I managed it,
I can help you become rich, too.
If you want to be rich,
vote for Nikolai Lomov!
I won!
Let's now see who would be elected
if the elections were held today.
In the lead, like last week,
are the Communist leader
and the Prime Minister.
Extraordinary news:
In third place is Nikolai Lomov.
Little known just a month ago,
the governor has this week overtaken
a number of famous politicians
to become one of the most
serious presidential candidates.
Next week, I'll be 2nd.
On Mr. Makovski's channel,
you can be first now.
- But it won't get you elected.
- I know, it'll cost a lot!
Talking of money,
don't mention economics.
Why not?
We'll discuss that later.
As for the money,
are Swiss francs OK with you?
It's mainly the gas
we're interested in.
Of course.
Gas interests everyone.
Why shouldn't I mention economics?
Because not everyone
who listens to you is a moron.
You know full well we can't
double production in 3 years.
Any more than we can
make pineapples grow
in the tundra.
It's me.
Don't turn around,
I'm behind you.
Let him win just one game.
I never mentioned pineapples.
But you said, within a year,
1 ruble would be worth 1 dollar.
I prefer the pineapples.
Please miss this shot.
That's the 3rd game you've won.
Right away. I promise.
Count on me.
Sure thing.
Game over.
With you Plato,
it'd be good to eat shit!
You wouldn't share,
you'd eat it all!
Billiards is like economics.
Not everyone can do it.
It takes a bit of grey matter.
I'm a jerk, is that it?
Know who you're talking to?
No one has ever called Lomov a jerk!
You just did it very well
on your own.
Who are you spitting on?
On Russia!
I'll crush you!
You think you bought me?
No way!
When I'm president,
I'll throw you out!
You and all your breed!
You'll never be president.
At least, not while I'm alive.
Then, you'll die!
If you get in my way,
you'll die!
Those bastards have gone crazy.
They want to take everything off us,
do you hear?
Not just the TV channel -
everything. Everything!
Dig up what we've got on Lomov.
That'll make them think.
I've got a video of him
with 2 whores. Can we use that?
Use it.
Anything goes now.
Kourotchkine, the prayer.
Nikolai Lomov:
Our governor - your president.
We are continuing
our series of investigations
entitled "Dressed Up or Down".
Here is a presidential candidate,
the Governor of Northern Siberia,
Nikolai Lomov.
If you thought he was in the sauna,
you were wrong.
He became famous
for his patriotic convictions...
and wants to fight corruption...
stop stuffing your face and write.
A denial saying
that this is just a Lomov look-alike.
- Are you stupid or something?
- OK, I'm going.
Like Rasputin before him,
Lomov tries to fight sin
with sin.
Wrong, Makovski. It's not
my bare ass that'll bring me down.
Mr. Lomov's campaign HQ.
One moment, I'll check.
Mr. Lomov is busy.
I'd like to ask him a few questions.
I just told you he's busy.
He can't see you.
If you have any questions,
write them down
and he'll answer them.
Take this down, then.
First question:
How much did Lomov pay
General Koretski
for Plato Makovski's execution?
Pardon me?
Carry on.
He wanted questions in writing?
So, write.
- Why did you send for me?
- A little drink?
I asked you a question.
Look what he sent me,
your genius from the Urals!
Read it carefully -
there's funny stuff on you, too.
- He's dead!
- Calm down.
You wasted Makovski -
now I have to clean up.
- What do I do, then?
- Go to jail.
You know
that this is the age of justice.
But I'm offering you the TV channel.
You're trembling, you two-bit hero!
Go raise your reindeer
and stay away from Moscow
for six months.
What about his questions?
Do I answer them?
No need.
Another scoop on Infocar:
Its Info-TV channel will now be
controlled by


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