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minute, the next hour,
the next day...
We're much more than friends.
We're a world of our own.
Here's to us!
Into the fire!
Let's go!
Do you know why Viktor died?
Because Larry did all he could
to get rid of him.
The import duty has risen by 150%,
but nobody gives a damn.
I don't understand this approach.
There's nothing wrong
with our approach.
It's absolutely fine.
First of all,
each task is
down to one specific person.
It's up to him
to solve his problems.
We've got $20,000,000 of Mercedes
stuck in Customs.
You've got contacts there.
Introduce me to them.
Secondly, the underworld
has its rules, Customs have theirs.
Cut the crap.
Do I bribe them?
Viktor, you're a great scholar.
We have to take care of you.
And you want to buy Customs!
Are you getting
into organized crime?
Plato said to see you
if I had problems.
And that's what you did.
2 new Russians meet.
One says:
"I paid $3,000 for my tie!"
The other answers:
"You got ripped off.
I saw the same one for $5,000."
- That's funny.
- Lamb in spicy sauce.
- Classy!
- I've got a good one...
Viktor, I don't like the way
you conduct your business.
You're secretive
about Customs clearance,
you tell Larry
to send money to Switzerland...
I gave my word
I wouldn't reveal the scheme.
Who to?
I can't say. I promised.
But clearance won't cost a thing.
Don't you trust me?
It's a matter of principle.
Trust without a contract
ends in bloodshed.
And we don't want blood to be shed.
That's the basic principle
of our work. Understand?
Plato, can I have a word?
Since when do we hide things
from each other?
That's new!
If it concerns work, we can leave.
Why should I leave?
It concerns us all.
We should leave
the two of them to it.
It's just that I'm hungry.
Come on. You can carry on later.
You really are a pain!
give your word to strangers,
but you can't tell me?
You give me car imports,
with duty up 150%!
Do you see the problem?
give your word to strangers,
but you can't tell me?
I gave my word.
You can't tell me?
Do you want me to go?
Do what you like.
Yeah, right... you go.
When I was stuck,
two guys showed up.
Dad, I'll catch you!
At your age,
you should be clubbing.
You embarrass me!
We know you have a problem
with Customs.
Excuse me, who are you?
The Small Business Advisory Center.
If you really have a problem,
we're prepared to help you.
Our company doesn't pay duty
on imported goods.
In particular, on vehicles.
- Who authorizes this?
- The President.
By special decree.
We're just after
the Blind Association.
But before the Sports Fund.
You know,
I've got good sight.
I've got nothing to do
with the blind.
So, I'm afraid
it doesn't apply to me.
It does.
The plan's simple:
You sell all your vehicles
to one of our foreign branches.
We import them,
we take off the duty,
and we sell them back to you.
Your conditions?
50% of the profits.
The Afghanistan Veterans
and the Blind charge more.
Are you interested?
Colonel Belenki.
Pasha to my friends.
See that pine tree over there?
Watch closely.
The pine tree is no more.
If I'd had that in Afghanistan,
I'd still have my legs
and a face like Alain Delon's.
Go on, shoot.
It's OK, I believe you.
Shoot, I said.
I don't like it, I can't.
- It doesn't hurt to try.
- Just relax.
And again!
Viktor, let me tell you:
You got screwed by those crooks.
- Not crooks. Their number...
- I don't believe it!
You're prepared to give them
$20,000,000 of cars on a plate!
Their number is that of the former
Central Party Committee.
Maybe I could discuss it
with their "Politburo" boss?
I don't know.
You can try.
It's Viktor.
I have a problem: Our boss wants
to talk to yours. Is that possible?
He's going to try.
Yes, Plato Makovski.
How do you do?
Thank you very much.
Alright. Goodbye.
Know who their boss is?
Holy cow!

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