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how's the investigation going?
The DA's office
has worked long and hard.
We have 3 theories about that bomb:
Either it was the work of rivals
to eliminate the heads of Infocar...
The Solntsevo gang,
to eliminate Ahmed,
the big boss who was there...
We need to look into Infocar.
They are tearing each other apart
like rabid dogs
for money and power.
Their TV spreads lies
about the Kremlin,
accusing it of everything.
what they show on prime-time TV.
Tonight, ladies and gentlemen,
we bring you
a new edition of
"Dressed Up or Down".
Our hero,
unlike Governor Lomov,
doesn't remove his trousers.
But he must've left his head
at home.
Otherwise, this civil servant
would have known
that only a headless rider
could declare:
"The bomb defused at the funeral
is clearly the work
of Chechen fighters."
They've gone too far!
We should've nipped Infocar
in the bud, ages ago.
We'll do better than that,
but legally.
Hello! Remember me?
It's me.
I need to talk to you.
You didn't want to
before without a summons.
I changed my mind.
Come to my office tomorrow.
Tomorrow, I may not be able to.
Tomorrow, I may be dead.
But I mustn't die.
My mother's very sick.
5 minutes.
I'm hungry.
You're not looking properly.
Remember Stalin...
History repeats itself,
over and over again.
- Do you follow me?
- No.
Come now...
He wants power at any cost.
To get it,
he's removing the old guard.
You think I'm crazy?
See for yourself:
Viktor dies first,
then Plato is killed,
today it was Moussa's turn.
Once I've been eliminated,
Larry can take over Infocar.
What happened to Moussa Tariev?
A cement mixer hit his car
an hour ago.
He's alive
and was taken to the hospital.
Larry is worse than the devil:
He planned it all.
And I thought
we were all like brothers,
like Plato said on his birthday.
This is for you.
- Does she look like me?
- Yes.
Thank you.
May I?
Thank you.
Thank you for coming.
Hey, new Russian
You spurn the tram and the bus
You spend your life in a Mercedes
You've forgotten the USSR!
Here's a drink for Plato
Let's drink to Plato's health
Our dear Plato
The finest man of all
The most handsome of all
Plato, drink it down in one
Thank you very much
for all that you do for us artists.
Times are hard,
but you help us almost every day.
Plato! Your gift!
She's real!
Lady's choice!
We haven't had time
to discuss business...
Later, Hubert.
Look after her.
Thank you. Plato!
The llamas haven't
given you anything yet.
So, Fantik and I
want to congratulate you.
Every president except Yeltsin...
We're waiting for Yeltsin's
telegram, and you want us to go?
Yeltsin will show up,
that's for sure.
Yeltsin is warming up,
and we're already drunk.
Nina, I'm going home.
For your 44th birthday,
the President of Tadzhikistan
gives you
this Akhal-Tk thoroughbred.
May it serve you 100 years!
After that, we'll see.
- Does it bite?
- Yes, it's a real Akhal-Tk.
Shitty intelligentsia!
Viktor, calm her down.
Stuffing your faces...
partying... Real savages!
As the country starves!
Don't you disgust yourselves?
And you eat
in the soup kitchen, do you?
I don't eat caviar.
I just drink.
Like everyone else.
Russian vodka.
I'm with my people.
Larry, look after it.
She's right in a way.
You bet I am!
Viktor, I've made up my mind:
I'm leaving you.
You drank too much. Go home
and rest. Viktor's staying with us.
You wimp.
Take a car.
I don't want your car.
I'll do what normal people do:
I'll take the train.
They're interested in Infocar
and they really want...
That's very interesting.
I agree.
...to invest in the company,
but they want clarification
on 3 points.
Come on, guys,
let's get out of here.
There are too many people
on my back.
Take the bottle. Let's go!
We're really lucky, guys.
We've known each other for ages.
We know what the others will do
the next

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