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Don't we have enough of our own?
No, it was a good idea:
A provincial judge
who isn't involved
in any Muscovite scams.
He was to bring him down
for being in breach of the law
and have him sentenced.
That's the dictatorship of the law:
Oligarch or not,
if you're caught
with your finger in the pie,
- you go to jail.
- Right.
Except that the jail is empty.
We have to find the guy who did it.
But I don't think
that Chmakov is the man for the job.
Nor do I.
Then... he must be replaced.
We'll replace him.
Aren't you afraid of being killed?
I think that our government is...
prepared to massacre
an entire people,
but to kill an individual
requires, I think,
more courage.
That's the next level.
We'll see if they dare.
I was baptized
6 months ago,
and as a Christian, I believe
in eternal life.
He's smart:
He put his soul in a Swiss bank,
next to his gold.
Aren't you cute!
How did you get in?
Police apartment - police keys!
I've got 2 pieces of news for you.
One good, one bad.
Which do you want first?
- I don't care.
- The bad, then.
You're no longer the boss.
Now, the good news.
I'm taking your place.
We've got 3 leads to go on:
The business,
the underworld, and the friends.
You see to his friends.
The closets must be
full of skeletons.
Mark Naoumovich,
where do we put the wreath?
Here. No, on the tree.
So it can be seen from the road.
On the post,
it'll be even more visible.
OK, and call the musician.
Go on, play.
- What do I play?
- What he liked.
Forgive us, Plato.
We failed to protect you.
Did you know him?
I was his friend.
Almost like a brother.
He had plenty
of fair-weather friends.
Where are they now?
Bunch of rats!
- Want some?
- Why not?
- I don't have another glass.
- It doesn't matter.
Rest in peace, Plato.
He too drank
straight from the bottle one time.
You didn't have a glass?
It was to seduce a girl.
- Where to?
- Car 4's further on.
Off we go
to the economics symposium.
Happy New Year.
This way.
Who's that?
Koretski, the new ideologist
from the Academy of Science.
He's going there, too.
I'm taking the pioneers
to Leningrad.
You can't bring that
on the train.
Dear, dear lady...
Too dear for you!
- C'mon, be nice.
- Do you print them or what?
Go on.
Where's Plato?
We leave in 3 minutes.
Don't worry. He's always late.
He invites me
and doesn't even show up.
Go on, get on.
I'll wait here for him.
There's always one...
- Do you like cold kebabs?
- No!
You're the most beautiful woman
in the world.
Save me, I'm burning.
Go warm up your kebabs!
No smoking here.
That's impossible -
they'd be burned to a cinder.
I'm not burning.
I'm going back to my seat.
- Please...
- Now!
Just 5 minutes.
Maximum half an hour.
Keep the noise down!
I invited the young lady
to a picnic.
- She refused.
- Strange, that's not like her.
Darling, I don't recognize you.
You heard him.
Let's go!
Maria, this valiant knight
with the kebabs,
Moussa is like a brother to me.
He's as simple and reliable as...
An old Colt!
Then, there's Viktor. A genius.
- I can do Einstein.
- A real genius.
Tomorrow, his scientific paper
will cause
a scientific earthquake.
Let's go on.
That's Mark.
Pay no attention.
He complains all the time,
because he thinks he's our mother.
I want to drink
to the most beautiful woman
in the world.
To Maria.
- A glass.
- There aren't any more.
Give me the bottle.
To Maria! Hurrah!
You look like a trumpet player!
ID and tickets!
Can we work something out,
Alcohol is forbidden
in public places.
I'm reporting you to your superiors.
I like the honest look
of men in uniform!
- How'd you like 2 weeks in jail?
- Not at all.
Did my husband send you?
Leave them alone.
It's OK, I'm going.
Wake up. Come on,
up you get, darling.
- Who are you?
- Don't you recognize me?
I don't know you.
Oh, come off it!
You're just like all the rest:
A quickie, then so long!

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