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and stay away from Moscow
for six months.
What about his questions?
Do I answer them?
No need.
Another scoop on Infocar:
lts Info-TV channel will now be
controlled by Nikolai Lomov's
petrol company, Sieviergaz.
This what was just announced
in a news flash
from Info-TV's star anchorman,
Evgueni Roudenko.
Dear viewers, goodbye
and thank you.
Stay on your guard.
What is happening
to your channel today
may happen
to each of you tomorrow.
Remember what Hemingway said:
"For whom does the bell toll?"
Are you watching TV?
Why isn't Larry's mobile working?
He changed the number.
Give it to me.
I don't have it.
Maria, please!
The future of Infocar is at stake.
If he calls, I'll tell him.
Thank you.
Larry called an hour ago.
He wants us to send him
a car tomorrow at 11.
Where to?
- You won't tell?
- I promise.
- What'll you tell him?
- I'll think of something.
4, Chevchenko Wharf,
Building 3, in the courtyard.
Thank you.
I'll never forget what you just did.
5 days after Plato's death
Larry called an hour ago.
He wants us to send him
a car tomorrow at 11.
Listen to this.
4, Chevchenko Wharf,
Building 3, in the courtyard.
What now?
Hi, Larry.
What are you afraid of?
You're afraid, huh?
Hi, Larry.
You're panicking now!
Look at me, filthy Georgian scum!
Don't throw it everywhere.
Lousy garbage men!
Larry! Who's in there?
Open up!
Day of Plato's death
It's a masked ball!
Can I give you a lift?
I have my car.
Unless you only ride in Mercedes...
Send everything we've got on Lomov.
Yes, right away!
Go on!
I'll call you back. Bye.
Open the door.
- Should we follow you?
- Go home. I'll call you.
It won't get any greener.
Turn the TV off.
20 minutes ago, an assassination
was carried out on Infocar CEO,
Plato Makovski.
An assassination
in downtown Moscow
was carried out
on one of Russia's leading
entrepreneurs, Plato Makovski.
Is it a joke?
Not really.
- You're here?
- Yes.
- Where is he?
- In the bedroom.
I'm gonna find
that dog, Lomov
and I'll tear him apart
with my own hands!
I swear I will.
- You think it's Lomov?
- Who else?
It can only be him or Koretski.
- Who knows you're here?
- No one.
They think you're dead.
That's good.
Stay in hiding here,
like Lenin in his hut.
Don't call anyone.
Give me your phone.
Don't let anyone in.
I'll bring you food.
No one will know you're here.
What about me? And my job?
Your job is to be Lenin's wife:
peel the potatoes,
prepare the meatballs!
Give me 3 days
to flush the traitor out.
What traitor?
Why did someone try to kill you?
To get control of Infocar.
Now that they think you're dead,
they need one of us
to collaborate with them.
They need a traitor and his shares
to control the company.
Is that you?
What're you doing here?
My aunt lives here. She's sick,
so I run errands for her.
You didn't see me.
I no longer exist.
What's that? ...Plato!
A visitor.
He's real clingy!
You ain't seen nothing yet. Be nice
and put this on a plate for us.
You can't believe I came?
We're not savages.
We have our own codes.
A pal has a problem,
he had an accident.
It was deliberate.
I was 15 feet away from death.
Did you crap your pants?
Did you think you were being sent
to meet Plato?
A little warning.
Don't worry.
Who did it?
We'll find out.
We'll protect you now.
As soon as he heard,
Koretski called me.
Even if he holds a grudge
against you, he said:
"Moussa's on our side.
We have to protect him.
We'll help him.
And he'll help us in return."
Huh, Moussa...
you'll help us?
You're not so dumb, after all...
How did they find out?
How did they find out?
Poor Mark saved my life.
Now's no time for tears, Plato.
Think ahead.
Your airplane's ready.
- Here's money and a visa.
- What visa? This is war.
They shoot us, and we just
show them naked on TV. Enough!
An eye for an eye.
I was protecting you


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