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That it was newspaper
that had burned in the safe.
The originals went to the Kremlin.
Then, we found Belenki and
his henchmen's bodies in the forest.
We realized then
that Viktor hadn't betrayed anybody,
but it was too late.
Do you remember
how the poem ends?
- Which one?
- The one with the wolves.
"You will beget wolves on earth.
You'll teach them to wag their tails.
"And if later, you have to pay the
price, So be it: that will be later."
You have to like poetry.
It's Galich.
- I'm staying for the funeral.
- OK.
Just do everything
this man tells you.
You brought your brother?
A brother in arms. He's responsible
for getting you to the cemetery.
There, others will take charge
of you until the grave.
How droll!
Don't answer.
- Why not?
- They can spot us.
Until we reach the cemetery,
I'm in charge.
Brake as slowly as possible.
Get down... Down!
Federal Security Brigade. Get out.
- Hello, Mr Makovski.
- Hello.
I've wanted to meet you for ages.
Please sit down.
I heard you wanted
to leave Russia.
No, I'm being forced to.
No one's forcing you.
The gang which was trying to control
Colonel Belenki has been broken up.
Pity about Belenki.
He was one of the old school.
Konstantin, come into my office.
So, you mustn't leave Russia.
What's the point
of stopping the flow?
You have a new contact
to replace Belenki.
I won't introduce you -
you already met.
I know your gift for
sudden disappearances, Mr Makovski.
This telephone
must never leave you,
day or night.
Only I know the number.
Are you against the idea?
No, I'm for.
Be in touch!
It's yours.
I even know who's calling.
Want to speak to him?
There's only one button...
He can call, but you can't.
Yeah, it's cleverly done.
Just think...
He presses a button -
I'm at his beck and call: "Yes, sir!"
Stop here.
They make good ice cream now.
It took 'em long enough.
Turn around.
We're going to the airport.
- Is the airplane waiting?
- Of course.
It's disgusting.
Throw it away.
6 months before Plato's death, France
Larry, turn on Channel 2!
2 - not 1 !
Don't you understand Russian?
What can you see? The jungle?
Let me check.
What can you see?
A waterfall?
That's right.
It's El Dorado,
the future El Dorado.
Call Mark. Tell him to find out
the price of the square mile there.
I'm ready.
I'm ready.
Are we going to the restaurant?
- Can't you go by yourself?
- Why?
I'm expecting
an important phone call.
What's the phone call?
Don't you know
that a woman by herself
in a restaurant here
is a whore?
Well, what are you?
The Virgin Mary?
Just you try and hit me...
I'll rip your eyes out.
Take the young lady to the airport.
She's leaving now.
Oh, I'm fucking crying!
I dreamed of not having to see
you and your goddam TV anymore!
Let go! Let go of me!
Our huge region
has little autonomy.
Power remains in Moscow -
that's our problem.
Machinery is rusty, the factories
are in ruins. We live in poverty.
Our region is rich: wherever you dig,
you find petrol, uranium...
But the money goes to Moscow.
Larry, turn on Channel 4.
Is that why you want
to be president?
Yes, enough is enough.
- Don't you fear defeat?
- No, they should fear me.
- Why's that?
- You'll see once I've won.
- We need a channel.
- The Panama Canal? No problem.
A TV channel!
Drop what you're doing and see to it.
We'll turn the situation around.
It occurred to me
that if we can't beat the Kremlin,
we can become the Kremlin.
You're not born a president -
you're made a president.
The guy on Channel 4,
the governor in the fur hat...
We'll make him president.
Send the airplane for me.
I'm coming home.
3 months before Plato's death
Northern Siberia
- He needs thinner eyebrows.
- Not for a man of the people.
What do you think, Mr Plato?
Look at what we're reduced to.
Chaos everywhere...
We have electricity 2 hours a day,
no water,
pensions are paid 6 months late.

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