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's shorter than you.
I haven't heard from her
in a long time.
I think my little brother
will soon have to join up.
I hope he doesn't end up
on the Western Front,
but in Russia instead.
That's better than Verdun.
Do you understand?
No, I don't understand.
It's okay.
I have to go.
It's late.
- Who's here?
- Keep it down, for God's sake.
It's okay.
Keep it down.
- Would you like to eat?
- With great pleasure.
- With great pleasure.
- What? What?
"With great pleasure.
"With great pleasure."
Do you speak German?
We had Robert Karlovich,
an elderly German.
He left a long time ago.
They played checkers
with my father all the time.
He was the one
who taught me.
Why didn't you tell me earlier
you could speak German?
We could have had such a nice
conversation coming back.
I thought you didn't
understand a word.
- Yes.
- What, yes?
- Do you have a knife?
- Right away.
Would you like some tea?
I didn't come to have tea.
What's the last name of your guest?
- Mueller III.
- What?
Mueller III.
Third... they had three Muellers
in their army.
Look, dear Third.
Do me a favor,
turn around and get out.
I insist that you leave.
Get out of here.
He is a shoemaker as well.
Get out of here,
ugly German mug.
He is a shoemaker as well.
It's a shame,
Alexander Petrovich.
Stop teaching me!
I have teachers better than you.
Where's the way out?
- The way out?
- Yes, yes.
Thank you
for everything.
So long.
Take it out and show it.
Are you a shoemaker?
Yes, I am a shoemaker.
You know what? Let's go.
You'll work for me.
I used to work from home
as well.
Let's go, let's go.
You shouldn't cry now.
Now we're in war,
and before we win...
we can't feel sorry
for our enemies.
You should be with us
body and soul.
We are doing the right thing.
Hello, hello.
- Maybe you'd like some tea?
- I don't feel like it.
Why is he here?
give me the horse.
- Have you seen my folks?
- No, I haven't.
Go on, sew.
Boy, what's wrong
with you?
Master, his legs are broken.
What a hell.
what should we do now?
If he dies, I'll die, too.
Why are you talking
about the horse and yourself,
when all of Russia is crying?
The entire Russian nation
doesn't spare the power
and lives of its best sons
in the great heroic war
to defend our Motherland.
Russia will come out of that great struggle
revitalized and strengthened.
It's not the time for despair,
when our hearts are full of joy,
and the idea of victory near.
The victory is close,
victory only.
Hit the Germans,
defeat the Germans...
complete and definite victory.
We'll get you out
of this dirty hole.
There is no other way.
You've got mail.
"To Peter Ivan Gadkin"...
for me.
"Dear Peter Ivanovich,
with deep sympathy,
we inform you that your older son,
Nikolai Petrovich,
is in the hospital
with minor injuries
and your younger son,
Semyon Petrovich,
was killed during an attack."
When the soldiers
march through town
The girls will open
windows and doors...
Stop singing.
I told you to stop!
What did you do?
Get out!
Get out of here!
Get out!
Get out of here!
I'm talking to you.
Get out.
Hit the Germans!
Beat the Germans!
Beat him!
Beat the Germans!
Stop, scoundrels.
So what if he is German?
He's still a shoemaker like us.
What do you want?
You should disperse.
Go, go.
My Senka was killed.
Take him to the bed.
Move, move.
He's not permitted to go out anymore,
since it causes a big ruckus.
Go away, go away.
Pick him up.
Anka, come home,
you brat!
I was knocked down...
simply because I'm German.
Then a girl came,
she was nice to me.
If it hadn't been for her,
they would have killed me.
have you heard?
Our Tsar has abdicated.
- You're lying.
- Who's lying?
What a rush!
What a rush!
Brothers, friends,
the rising sun of revolution
has destroyed the tyranny.


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