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Standin' there by the window
# Starin' out at the night
# You've got so many troubles
# On your nervous mind
# But don't worry baby
# It's gonna work out fine
# You hear the sound of footsteps
# Stealing 'cross the floor... #
(Yelling and laughter)
- Yo.
- How you doing?
- Where's the bar?
- (Yells) Bar?
Do you think they will
embarrass us tonight?
If Max and lan see her
it is all over for us.
- How's your stomach?
- It's a little better.
If you're going to float an air biscuit,
let me know, OK?
Float a what?
If you're going to fart,
let me know. I'll hit the fan.
I'm sorry. I suffer pan discomfort
due to occasional stomach upset.
I can't believe this.
I'm so disappointed in us.
We talk about how great it would be
if we went to parties.
It's our party, people are having
a great time, and we're in the john!
We're in the john. I can't believe this.
- You're just as uptight as I am.
- Nobody can be as uptight as you.
Your middle name is tense.
Wyatt "Tense Up" Donnelly.
All right, this is true. It's true.
But it's not that bad.
We can hear the music.
We can dance. If we put our noses
to the door, we can smell the food!
Hey, brother.
What's happening, my main man?
Right on. Scotch.
- Straight up?
- Nah, give me the whole bottle.
Tell you what. You bend over
and I'll shove it straight up your ass!
On the rocks is fine.
Yeah, that's what I thought
you were gonna say.
- There she is.
- You get the drinks, I'll kill the girls.
I wonder if Lisa is having a good time.
Lisa could have a good time
at an insurance seminar!
The thing that really galls me
is that she's ours
and we can't get close to her.
(Wyatt) Hit the fan.
- This is the best party I've ever been to.
- I know, it's great.
Do you know whose house this is?
I think it might be that girl
with the English accent.
That girl doesn't have a zit
on her whole body. Did you notice that?
- I know. And she has zero fat.
- And she's so relaxed.
She burped and it was...
- Charming.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- The bathroom.
- Ladies.
- Hi.
(Gary) I can't believe it. You're dropping
wolf bait and there are chicks outside.
Light a match or something. Light a fire!
- Hi.
- Hi.
We're sorry. We thought
there were just girls in there.
It's just us dudes.
- What are you doing here?
- (Wyatt) Gary was just taking a shit.
No, what I meant was...
What I meant was,
what are you doing at the party?
- Oh, it's my house.
- This is your party?
Yeah, we like to do this once a week.
Little get-togethers.
Have you guys been by?
- How did we miss these two?
- So many people, so many parties.
So many people, so many parties.
You lose track.
Would you mind if I came in
and checked my face?
What's wrong with your face?
- Can we come in?
- Come on in.
- Yeah, be our guests.
- Thanks, guys.
Come on in.
Well, we've seen you guys at school
but we've never met.
- You're Hilly.
- You're Deb.
- Hi, I'm Gary.
- I'm Wyatt.
This is a wild crowd. I didn't know
you guys had so many friends.
- Yeah, neither did we.
- Neither did we.
Who's the girl with the accent?
I though that this was her party...
You mean the sensuous, exotic,
mature, sex symbol type?
- Yeah.
- (Gary) She's with us.
She's with you guys?
Come on, Lisa. Why not?
Because I belong to Gary and Wyatt.
Belong? Did they make you
in the garage?
They own you? Control you?
- (lan) Seriously?
- Seriously.
They're toads.
Do I look like I'd go out with two toads?
You do. It's true.
I think Gary and Wyatt are going to
force everyone to redefine their terms.
You're completely loyal to them?
I do whatever they say.
(Jingling coins)
Could you excuse us
for a minute, please?
That's no problem. We'll be in here.
I think these ladies are stoked for us.
- I got that feeling myself.
- Shall we go for it?
- What about Lisa?
- She said party.
Let's get it on with these two,
score points and go back to Lisa.
- Or score points with
   !    !

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