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Огонь, кровь, звезды

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I'll make people help the elderly.
I'll teach racists to be intelligent.
I'll stage a revolution!
Death to jerks!
For our demands...
It's electric!
Watch this!
You'll stay that way!
- Want me to pull a face?
- Yeah!
Do you believe in dream eaters?
Do they exist?
Dream eaters? Who told you about them?
Mum did.
Yes, they exist.
Don't you know any?
Want me to tell you
about my first dream eater?
It was my mother.
Do you know what she wanted me to be?
A priest!
She'd have kept house for me
and I'd have been a priest.
Imagine if I'd been a priest?
What dream wouldn't have happened?
I wouldn't have had kids.
I wouldn't have had your dad.
You wouldn't have been born.
Maybe to another man.
You wouldn't have been you,
but someone else.
We have one chance of being born.
Only one chance.
I was lucky to be born.
- You were. Are you pleased?
- Yes.
In the army,
there were dream eaters too.
For instance,
I had a day's leave once.
That night, we hit the town.
You did what?
We hit the town.
It means we went to a club.
They were called dance halls then.
People used to go to dance halls,
now they go to clubs. It's the same.
I didn't go back.
I hitched a ride back to my regiment
the next day.
And they put me in jail.
Know what an army jail was like
back then?
You dug a hole in the ground,
filled it with stones
and you lay there.
There was a small tent
over you like this
and your head was in the sun.
I spent 40 days in jail.
- That's terrible.
- You see?
In the old days, for Bastille Day,
prisoners who had committed
little things,
like stealing a purse
in a department store
or things like that
or who had stolen a lady's handbag...
Little things.
They had short prison terms.
But even a short term in prison
can be long.
A short term is six months.
That's a long time.
Even one day in prison is long.
But people talk about six months
or a year as short terms.
People on short terms
were let out on Bastille Day.
But the dream eater we have now,
he says,
"There won't be any amnesty. "
It's an amnesty
when crimes are erased
and prisoners are freed.
He's a dream eater, you see.
When I was little, I ate my dreams
because people scared me.
You mustn't ever eat your dreams.
Know how to avoid eating your dreams?
Always tell the truth.
If you only ever tell the truth,
you'll never eat your dreams.
The moon!
At home,
I'm always the first to find it.
It's pretty.
Attempted hope
The fall swallows me up
Where the meadow sings,
I am, I am not
The stars lie
To the heavens that invent me
No one but me
Ever comes here
Except the night bird
With its speeding wings
Subtitling: C.M.C.
Огонь, кровь, звезды

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