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because I really like my family.
Even though sometimes I say I don't.
Sometimes I even think I don't.
- Do you get that?
- I think so.
How you feel about family
is a complicated thing.
Especially with an older brother.
Deep down, you'll always love him.
But you can forget that you love him.
You can hurt them, they can hurt you.
And that's not just
because you're young.
You want to know the real
reason why I'm here?
I came to hear my granddaughter sing.
I can't come hear her tonight.
You have plans?
I'm not welcome.
At church?
You're always welcome at church.
I'm not welcome with my son.
Years back, before you and your family
moved on the block...
...I had an argument with my son.
How old is he?
He's grown up.
We lost our tempers, and I said
I didn't care to see him anymore.
He said the same, and we haven't
spoken to each other since.
If you miss him,
why don't you call him?
I'm afraid if I call,
he won't talk to me.
How do you know?
I don't know.
I'm just afraid he won't.
No offense, but aren't you
a little old to be afraid?
You can be old for a lot of things.
- You're never too old to be afraid.
- That's true.
I was afraid of our basement.
It's dark. There's weird stuff
down there, and it smells funny.
That sort of thing.
It's bothered me for years.
Basements are like that.
I made myself go down
to do some laundry...
...and I found out it's not so bad.
I worried about it, but if you
turn on the lights, it's no big deal.
What's your point?
My point is,
you should call your son.
- What if he won't talk to me?
- At least you'll know.
Then you could stop worrying about it.
You won't have to be afraid anymore.
No matter how mad I was, I'd talk to
Dad. Especially around the holidays.
I don't know.
Just give it a shot.
For your granddaughter anyway.
I'm sure she misses you.
And the presents.
I send her a check.
I wish my grandparents did that.
They always send me clothes.
Last year I got a sweater
with a bird knitted on it.
Oh, that's nice.
Not for a guy in the second grade.
You can get beat up
for wearing something like that.
I have a friend who got nailed...
...because there was a rumor
he wore dinosaur pajamas.
You better run home where you belong.
Think about what I said.
- All right?
- Okay.
It's nice talking to you.
Nice talking to you.
- What about you?
- Me?
Yeah. You and your son.
We'll see what happens.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
This is my house.
I have to defend it.
We'll check it out.
We can come back for the truck.
How do we go in?
We'll go to the back door.
Maybe he'll let us in.
Yeah, he's a kid. Kids are stupid.
Bless this nutritious, microwaveable
macaroni and cheese dinner...
...and the people
who sold it on sale. Amen.
This is it. Don't get scared now.
Merry Christmas, little fella.
We know that you're in there,
and that you're all alone.
Yeah, come on, kid. Open up.
It's Santy Claus and his elf.
We won't hurt you.
No, no. Got some nice
presents for you.
Be a good little fella now
and open the door.
What? What?
- What happened?
- Get that little...
Yes! Yes!
The little jerk is armed!
That's it! I'm going in the front.
You go down the basement!
That smart aleck!
Oh, boy. That's it, you little...
You little...
No, not this time, you little brat.
You little creep, where are you?
Ahh, ahh.
Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes!
- Rip his head off...!
You're dead, kid.
Where are you, you little creep?!
Harry, I'm coming in!
Oh, no! I'm really scared.
It's too late for you, kid, we're
in the house. We're gonna get you.
Okay, come and get me!
Why, you...!
Now you're dead!
I'm gonna kill that kid!
- Marv!
- Harry?
Why'd you take your shoes off?
Why are you dressed like a chicken?
I'm up here, you morons.
Come and get me.
You guys give up,
or are you thirsty for more?
Heads up!
Don't worry, Marv.
I'll get him for you.

- -

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