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to cancel.
Are you ever
gonna forgive me?
You undid our tree?
Well, it would have had
to come down eventually anyway.
Come on, Kev.
Look at all these presents, huh?
Oh, wait. Ooh, here's a big one.
I believe it has--
Yes, it has
your name on it.
Come on. Open it up.
It's from Natalie and me.
But shouldn't I open it
tomorrow on Christmas?
Ah, you got plenty to open tomorrow.
Come on. One won't hurt.
Go ahead.
- [ Gasps ]
- Super Spy bugging and listening device.
- Isn't that cool?
- Yeah. Thanks, Dad. Thanks, Natalie.
I'm glad you like it.
- Hey, Mom, where areyou going?
- I'm going to take Kevin some things.
- Mom, whereyou going?
- He doesn't have any clean clothes...
and I'm sure he doesn't have
anytoys to playwith.
To check out Dad's girlfriend.
Wanna go?
[Doorbell Rings ]
May I help you?
- Wow!
- I'm here for Kevin McCallister.
- Wow!
- Buzz.
- Are you here to take him home?
- No, I have something for him.
Right this way.
You should be able to hearthat.
- How do I sound?
- [ Kate On Headset ] Kids, stay close.
- Mom!
- Hey!
Mmm! Ohh!
- [ Chuckles ]
- You guys remember Natalie, right?
- Buzz, Megan.
- Hi, Natalie.
Oh, and, uh,
Kate, this is Natalie.
- Natalie, Kate.
- Hello, Kate.
So, areyou guys gonna stay?
- No, I just broughtyou some ofyour stuff.
- You guys gotta see this house.
- Is that okay, Natalie?
- Of course. Be my guest.
- Awesome tree!
- It used to look better.
- What is this thing on your head?
- A spy kit that Natalie got me
for an early Christmas present.
That was nice ofyou.
Well, I'm very fond
ofyour kids.
I've gotta showyou
this airplane she got me.
Would you like
a cup of coffee?
Oh, no, thankyou.
- I, uh, didn't know he would have
all this stuffto playwith.
- Yeah.
Oh, God. Hey.
Let me get that.
I wasn't even sure he could
even sleep without it.
Gosh. I cannot believe
he hasn't even asked for it.
Well, we could buy him
another stuffed animal.
- Oh, no, no.
- No.
This is, uh, his Teddy.
Teddy is his
transitional object.
Transitional object.
It's like something very, veryspecial
a child carries with him everywhere.
You're supposed to have a spare,
in case something happens to it.
- Ofcourse, we only had one, remember?
- Oh! How could I forget?
We were driving down the highway,
really in a hurry.
Kevin thinks, possibly Teddy
might want a little fresh air.
So he rolls down the window
and out flies Teddy!
He was ballistic.
He was crying. He was so upset.
It was-- Oh, my--
So Peter pulls over,
and I get out to retrieve the bear.
- I still can't believe you did that.
- [ Chuckles ]
Well, it was the slow lane,
and there wasn't much traffic.
Yeah, well, I don't know what
he would have done ifhe had lost it.
I think Kevin's going to have
so much fun playing with the prince...
that he's not even gonna
miss the stuffed animal.
It's going to be wonderful having a house
full ofchildren. I'm looking forward to it.
Children, watch
the garden sculpture!
Wel l, I... better get goi ng.
Before they break somethi ng.
Wel l, we're off to the airport
to pick up the royal family.
You all know
how important this is.
Now, the caterers
will be here momentarily.
And the guests will arrive
about an hour before...
- you and the royals
makeyourgrand entrance.
- [Molly] No need to worry.
Everything will be
taken care of.
- It's just that I want everything to go right.
- Come on. Let's not be late.
I don't want one single thing to go wrong.
Door, open.
And nothing will.
[People Chattering]
[Knocking On Door]
Oh, good. You've finallyarrived.
- Mr. Prescott! Mr. Prescott! It's them!
- Hush, you.
- I 'll get him out ofyour way.
- Thankyou.
It's the burglars! It's the burglars!
Aah! Mr. Prescott!
[Kevin Yelling]
It's Marv!
I guess you already
knew that though.
Listen, you. I have just about had
enough ofyou and your melodrama!
This is a
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