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a great mom, Molly.
Well, you just try to keep
that imagination under control, okay?
## [ Classical On Stereo ]
[Peter] You were veryunderstanding
about what happened today.
Well, Kevin's going through
a difficult time.
It's not easy
when your parents split up.
Believe me, I know.
But we'll get through it.
You're gonna be
a great stepmom.
## [ Continues ]
[ Exhales ] I thinkwe just need to figure out
a way to make him feel more at home here.
Maybe do some ofthe Christmas things
he's used to doing, like trimming the tree.
- You do thatyourself?
- [ Chuckles ] Yes, I do that myself.
It's fun. That's exactlywhat we're gonna do.
We're gonna trim the tree.
It'll get us in the spirit
ofthings, unite us as a family.
- Okay.
- Okay?
No friends, no fun, no snow.
This is definitely gonna be
the worst Christmas ever.
Hey, Kev.
How you doing?
[ Sighs ]
What do you saywe forget
about today and start over, huh?
- You mean it?
- Yeah.
Natalie's really a great person.
You just gotta get to know her better.
I thinkwe should start having
a little more fun around here.
- I could live with that.
- Yeah?
Why don't we start
by trimming that tree?
- Now?
- Sure. Why not?
## [Pop, Women Singing]
[Phone Rings ]
[Ringing Continues ]
I can't hearyou.
Can you turn down the music?
- Music, off.
- ## [Fades, Ends ]
What did you say?
Ofcourse we'll be there.
We wouldn't miss it.
- Let me call you back.
- [ Phone Beeps Off]
Evangelista's in town. Margaret's throwing
together a little impromptu supper...
but we shouldn't go,
should we?
Well, why don'tyou go ahead without me,
and Kevin and I will finish up over here?
Really? You wouldn't mind?
No. They'reyour friends anyway.
You're an angel.
I won't be home late.
Where were we?
- You don't have to stay because of me.
- No, I want to stay. Really.
So, does Natalie go out
every night?
Pretty much. She leads a very exciting life--
more exciting than we're used to.
So you'd say
you're not in a rut?
No, I'm not in a rut. Why?
I thought maybe
that's whyyou left.
Kevin. Kevin, you know--
I didn't leave your mom
to be with Natalie, okay?
- That just kind ofhappened later.
- You wanna tell me about it?
[ Exhales ]
Adult relationships are just complicated.
Sometimes when two people get married
reallyyoung likeyour mom and I did...
you just end up
feeling kind of--
- You missed out on some things.
- Yeah.
Just 'causeyou grow up
on the outside...
doesn't mean you wanna
stop having fun.
I know all about
the inner child, Dad.
- Oh. You do, huh?
- That's why old guys drive sports cars.
You're probably right.
But the trouble with sports cars--
no room for anybody else.
Maybe one other person max.
But ifyou want to take a real road trip...
with luggage andall,
you don't even have room for a friend.
I mean, they're
cool and fast and all...
but who wants to be in a nice car
when you're all alone?
[ Kate Sighs ]
Well, that looks
just about perfect.
All that's left to do now
is put on the star.
Kevin always puts on the star.
That's right.
He does, doesn't he?
I always hold him up.
And then I give him a wedgie.
[ Chuckles ]
He makes a fuss. We all laugh.
Well, I guess we're just gonna
have to use the ladder this year.
Okay, Dad, you can
put me down now.
Wow. Looks pretty good.
I think it looks great.
I think it's
our best tree yet.
[ Peter On TV]
[ Family Chattering ]
- Merry Christmas, Mommy.
- [Kevin ] Merry Christmas.
- [Kate On TV] Merry Christmas.
- [All Chattering]
Oh! Look at that!
- [ Kate ] Hey. Hey.
- [ Peter ] Hey.
[ Peter] I had this little
computer chip installed in Mom.
We're gonna get her
to make some breakfast.
- [ Yawns ] Morni ng.
- Morni n'.
Good morni ng, sleepyheads.
You're finally up.
What did you do
to our tree?
Oh, that's myfault. I have
a standing appointment with
the tree decorators everyyear.
In all the excitement,
I forgot
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